Erm...yeah, heh. Fixed a little mishap. It's online now. I uploaded it under the wrong file name (i had forgotten I'd changed the episode select page from html to htm *shrug*) Now what are you doing still here reading this? Go read it! I garuntee it's online this time!


It's here!!!

That's right, the season finale is finally here! There were some problems with the images, which were actually never resolved, but its good enough to go! Furthermore, I've converted episode 20 - Devil's Virus in htm format so that all can see! So now you can download the longest episode yet on this site in either .doc format or see it in htm!

Also, I've added a new link to the links section, and updated it in general.

Time to take a break from this stuff...yeah right! Now I have to get the site prepped for Season 3! heheh.


Just Around the Corner

Finally, with only three images to go, the Season Finale is almost ready! I don't know exactly when it'll be released, but hopefully soon! Stay tuned and be prepared!


I posted a fairly large preview of Episode 21 - Eye of the Storm on the main page. READ IT!


Finally, episode 20 - Devil's Virus is ONLINE! Now work begins on the season finale...

note that episode 20 so far is only in .doc format, but I'll get it to html format by mid week, I hope!


Tripod has been down for a looong while, so the update you see below wasn't posted until...yep, you guessed it. Today! *grumbles something about that being the reason STDragon's moving...* Any who, the update below explains why episode 20 will be even later, and what I WAS going to do.

Now, I'm not going to split it into two parts like planned below. Since I didn't get the first part uploaded last weekend, I'll just post the whole thing next weekend, as it's neary completion. For more information about the episode, including a title, check back to the main page here in the LCARS to find a full preview.


Again, real life, mostly school, has kept me from really writing much on episode 20. I've become very frustrated, and am forced to take a new course of action. For episode 20 (I've still got to come up with a title...) I'll have to post half of it tomorrow and the rest, hopefully, next weekend. So tomorrow, expect to see it!

To wet your appetite, here's a preview of part 1 of Episode 20:

The USS Dragon returns to the Defense Perimeter and heads into a repair bay, yet again. Yet as the Dragon settles down to begin tedious repairs, a new trouble brews. A Lieutenant by the name of Pulaski, who is related to the Doctor Pulaski who had served on the Enterprise D, is found murdered...more to the point, mutilated! Who does the murderer's DNA belong to? Vendar Perkins'! Now Sarah must unravel a very strange murder mystery. Meanwhile, Chris must now use his new position to gain as much information about the pirates as he can while not allowing himself to be seduced by Falarr!


Alas, real life affairs (homework) has kept me from updating the site at all, even with a preview for the next episode...which will likewise be delayed. Two reasons for this: 1. I haven't had time to write it. 2. Next weekend, actually around noon Thursday, we (choir, band, and orchestra) leave for San Diego.

I can tell you a little bit about Episode 20. The regulars here at STDragon are used to episodes where all of the action is with ship battles. Episode 20 shall cast doubt on that tradition. The entire episode takes place while the Dragon is under repair...yet it all takes place on the Dragon itself. Intruiged by the differece yet?

Any way, due to the major delays I have been and may be experiencing later, I'm moving the season finale up to Episode 21. This just means Episode 20 will have more to it than what's happening on the ship, and that I'll have more time to write the finale and allow Chris time to create the images that'll be required. So, you'll have a great episode...I hope. It'll be long, I can tell you all that. It'll probably turn out to be like a double episode...only all in one season finale, instead of a cliff hanger (doncha just hate those?)

Oh, and one last thing: the counters from Eternal Mart have been discontinued (the pricks didn't even bother to inform us! I had to look at their site and see the changes to know that they discontinued it!) At last count, STDragon had about 1340 hits. However, the day before the counter stopped working, I put a new counter on the index page, which is right at the bottom. Once I find a new counter, I'll take the old 1340 and what ever's on the new counter, and add it all to the traditional counter that I want to keep on my main page... Any suggestions on a traditional counter? Please email it to jonwasik@yahoo.com!!!


A new General Info section is online. I STRONGLY recomend reading it.


Episode 19 - Ghost of the Future is NOW ONLINE! For the first time since I began this site, I've written an episode I am actually slightly proud of. And I'm going to keep working to improve the quality of the stories!

Now, as I keep telling everyone, I'm not here to tell you how good the site is. I may say an opinion about a story, but don't forget that that's my opinion, not yours. So read if you wish, and judge for yourself. However, please email me saying what you think of my site thus far and what you think of Ghost of the Future.



Thanks to someone by the name of North Star Dragon (net name, of course,) I found out there were a bunch of spelling errors I had over looked in the ship info sections. so, i fixed those.

As a note to that person named North Star Dragon, none of my emails get to you, no matter what email server I use that I have. I keep getting a reply saying that your addy isn't accepting emails from any of mine. Chances are, this is AOL screwing you over (pardon the expression.) Hopefully you'll see this and remedy the situation, either by yelling at AOL or getting a second email server that DOESN'T restrict non-aol users from sending email to you, lol. I actually DO recommend yahoo mail. Its the one part of yahoo that isn't screwed up (again, pardon the expression.) I have a reply all written up, but can't send it. :o(


I've put up a preview of episode 19, which I just finished writing yesterday. Now there's only 2 episodes to go before the Season 2 Finale, Eye of the Storm. I already have basic layouts for episodes 21 and Eye of the Storm...but I have encountered writers block with episode 20. Guess I'll have to wait for it to just 'hit me,' like all other episode ideas usually do ;o)

This summer, while I break from school, I intend to do some changes to the site. First and foremost, get those more detailed crew bios up, which I'll punch up to being written in a point of view after Season 2. Second, KennyZ is going to help me with a new site layout. Third, hopefully, the Dragon model will be completed...all I need to do is find someone to convert it to LightWave for me. Forth, get as far ahead in the episodes as I can! Fifth, create an enjoyable fan fiction experience :o)


Star Trek Dragon - Eternal Nightmare is now up! I don't recomend reading this unless you've reached the end of episode 12, as it has a major spoiler in it. However, the story does start right before Chris is promoted to the rank of Captain. For only 8 pages, this is a great story! Especially for character development!


After a day's delay (we had to entertain guests,) Episode 18 - Infiltration is UP! Aside from that, the Khitomer/Dragon crossover is also up! It is not yet up at Khitomer's site, but soon will be!


I apologize for the late, late episode 18 preview. Its up, even though Episode 18 - Infiltration is going to be posted this weekend. But to wet your appetite:

Coming Soon: Star Trek Dragon and Star Trek Starship Khitomer's crossover has finally been finished, and has been entitled "Gateway"!! A month late, this will be one of those 'all action episodes'! Personally, I believe a series should have one of these every now and then :o) The Khitomer and Dragon will find there's more to their mission than meets the eye...

Also Coming Soon: Following episode 18's release comes "Eternal Nightmare"! All I've got is a bit of editing that I missed (and now know about, as its been graded) and it'll be ready for posting! As for when exactly I'm going to post it, I'm not quite sure yet.

Also, my gallery at MCGI has been updated with three new images! Press the link below and check them out! Check out the other gallerys while you're there, cause they are great!

And last, homework's been keeping me busy, so it may be awhile before I have a chance to finish those crew bios.


I know I was going to do those crew bios, and I did...but only about half of them. I couldn't do them this weekend cause I was skiing (Hey, guy's gotta have fun!) But soon enough. Just have patience :o)

Oh, Millennium CGI is OPEN!

Now online!


Episode 17 - Depserate Measures is NOW ONLINE! A very important episode, this is the conclusion to the Destroyer series! A MUST read! As this episode was so special :o) it has a larger episode title picture. Go and check it out!