“Preparations have been made to the saucer section’s warp core,” Kalia reported over the com system. “We should be able to re-create the anomaly now.”

“Inform the Excelsior. Tell them to be ready to enter the anomaly the moment it is created,” ordered Chris. “Take us back to red alert.”

The alert klaxon sounded on the bridge briefly before it was replaced by a softer alarm so as not to distract the bridge crew. Sarah hoped and prayed that this worked. She didn’t want to be left in an alternate dimension in the late 20th century.

“All stations report in,” Chris ordered.

“Science standing by,” Tom reported.

“Tactical and security standing by,” Ada reported.

“Sickbay and Engineering report ready,” Sarah informed Chris as she read her console. “We are ready to go.”

“Engineering, recreate the anomaly,” Chris ordered.

“Power out put is at maximum,” one of the engineers reported in the saucer section’s engineering section. Kalia monitored the warp core closely when she noticed something.

“Keep an eye on that starboard coolant containers,” Kalia ordered. “I don’t want to have to evacuate the entire ship into the stardrive section.”

“Aye, sir,” another engineer responded.

“Bridge, we are creating the anomaly…now!”

Kalia entered in the final modifications. The warp core let off a loud and annoying hum as it created the subspace rupture above the Dragon.

“A tear in the temporal and subspace barriers is in progress,” Tom reported. “I think its working.”

“Warp core is looking good,” Kalia reported over the comm system. “Power out put is at eighty percent and rising.”

“Let’s see the anomaly on screen,” Chris ordered.

With that command, empty space appeared on the main view screen. Sarah wondered what was going on when suddenly a bright flash occurred. In its place was a pink colored “blob” in space.

“Its working,” Tom said in an enthusiastic voice. “An anomaly is being created!”

The anomaly was growing rapidly in size until it finally stopped. “That’s it, bridge,” Kalia reported. “That’s all the power I can muster.”

“Send in the excelsior,” Chris ordered. Sarah was now very exited. She was monitoring the warp core through her console, and everything looked just fine.

“Excelsior is on her way,” Ada reported. Every one on the bridge watched as the old Excelsior class ship entered the anomaly.

Chris leaned over to Sarah and asked in a quiet voice, “We did fix her life support systems, right?”

Sarah smiled and replied with, “Of course, sir.”

Chris nodded and sat upright again. Chris in all of his excitement and despair had completely forgotten about the Excelsior’s life support failing. How ever, Sarah had remembered and left an engineering team over there to repair the life support system.

“The Excelsior is through,” Ada reported. “Our turn.”

“Helm, set a course directly for the anomaly, maximum impulse power,” Chris ordered.

The Dragon brought its bow towards the anomaly and headed towards it at the fastest speed it could muster.

Then, they entered the anomaly…

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