“Not to question authority, but why are we at red alert,” James asked as the senior officers entered the Bridge. Every one manned their stations as Chris replaced James in the command chair.

“Because in this dimension, the Federation is the enemy,” Chris replied.

“Sir, the Federation ship is hailing us,” Ada said.

“On screen,” Chris ordered. On the main viewscreen, a familiar face appeared. It was Admiral Hayes!

“I am Lord Hayes of the Federation starship Sovereign. Identify yourself and state your reason for traveling along side that traitor of a ship.”

Chris opened a channel, and said, “I’m Captain Christopher Harriman of the Federation starship Dragon. We are from another dimension and do not wish to get caught up in the dimension’s political problems. How ever, I will say that if you attack the USS Galaxy, I will be forced to defend them.

“Captain Harriman, I already killed you once for insubordination,” Hayes said in a commanding tone. “It seems as if I will have to do so again.” Hayes cut the communications.

Chris looked at his tactical officer and asked, “Ada, what class of starship is that and are we any match for them.”

After a few moments, Ada replied with, “Alone, no sir. How ever, with the help of the Excelsior and the Galaxy, we should be able to destroy, or at least disable, the Sovereign.”

“Very well, alert the other ships and target the Sovereign,” Chris ordered. “Let’s see the Sovereign on screen.”

The view screen changed to show what looked to be a heavily modified Romulan War Bird. “They destroyed the Romulans and took their ships,” Chris thought out loud.

“Sir, the Sovereign has sent a message to Earth alerting them of our presence,” Ada reported.

“Great,” Chris said. “This is going to be a real picnic.”

“Sir, the Sovereign is coming out of warp. They are locking weapons on us.”

“Fire when in range,” Chris ordered. The instant the Sovereign came out of warp it fired upon the Dragon. They were more technologically advanced, and so, had a longer range.

Finally, six quantum torpedoes and sixteen photon torpedoes streaked away from the Dragon towards the Romulan War Bird. All hit home on the forward shields of the War Bird.

“Direct hit,” Ada reported. “But it only brought their shields down to seventy five percent.”

Finally, the Galaxy fired its weapons upon the War Bird, as did the Excelsior.

“Their shields are now down to fifty two percent,” Ada reported. The ship shook violently as another volley of the War Birds newer weapons hit the Dragon. “Our shields are down to fifty eight percent!”

“Evasive maneuver pattern delta-omega,” Chris ordered. “Heading 013 mark 2, full impulse. Fire again!”

This time phaser fire joined the spread of torpedoes from the Dragon as they came into range. “Direct hit,” Ada reported. The Dragon shook even more violently as another volley of weapons fire hit. “Forward shields are down to forty nine percent!”

“Target their weapons array,” Chris ordered. “Evasive pattern alpha-onia seven, course heading 221 mark 8…correction, 221 mark 6.”

“Sir, the Sovereign’s shields are down,” Ada reported. “She’s trying to enter warp speed!”

“Target their starboard nacelle and fire all weapons,” Chris ordered.

After a few moments, Ada reported, “Direct hit, but now their warp core is going critical!”

“Helm, get us out of here, full impulse,” Chris yelled.

The ship shook violently as the War Bird’s warp core detonated. Finally, the ship became quite.

Chris had become tired of this dimension already. “Tom, please tell me we’ve collected enough data to leave this dimension.”

After a few moments, Tom answered, “Not yet, but if we turn back now, we will once we reach the nebula.”

“Inform the Galaxy and Excelsior that we are heading back to the nebula,” Chris ordered. “Helm, set a course for the Marauder Nebula and match speed with the Excelsior.”

“Sir, the Galaxy is hailing us,” Ada reported.

“On screen,” Chris ordered. Captain Riker appeared on the view screen.

“Captain Harriman, I want to thank you…you helped us kill some one who has helped destroy several of our ships.”

“You are welcome, Captain Riker,” Chris replied. “Good luck, with the war and with getting the Q continuum to help you.”

Riker hesitated for a moment, and said, “I envy you…the universe you are going to.”

“I hope that one day your universe becomes the same,” Chris replied. “Most of all, Captain, never give up hope. As the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Riker smiled and nodded. “Good luck to you too, Captain. Galaxy out.” The communications channel was cut.

“Engineering standing by,” Kalia reported over the comm system.

“Recreate the anomaly,” Chris ordered. He leaned forward in his chair, and said, “Let’s see what’s out there.”

Captains Log: Supplemental

Looking at this dimension, I see that ours doesn’t have it so bad after all. I only hope that the next dimension we reach will be more peaceful. We could have been destroyed back in that battle, and then not only would our crew have lost their lives, but the Excelsior would have been stuck in this nightmare. It is an experience I do not wish to have again.

Before we left, Captain Riker, despite the regulations that both they and we go by, sent us specifications on the warp drive of this dimension. I guess he felt that this situation was unique, and that it wouldn’t really pollute the time line all that much.

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