“Tom, how much more information do you need before we can jump out of here,” Chris asked. They were all in the briefing room next to the bridge.

“We have enough from this dimension, now all I need to do is figure out if three dimensions along with our dimension is enough to get back,” Tom replied.

“Good, let me know immediately when you know,” Chris ordered. Chris then turned his attention to Kara. “Doctor, is there any way we can either stop or lessen the effects of jumping?”

“Well, I’ve been talking with Terry, and he says that other telepaths should be able to put at least some shielding around our mind which should lessen the effects,” Kara replied. “It’s not a total ‘cure’, but it’s better than nothing.”

“I agree,” Chris replied. “Begin the process immediately. Dismissed.”

The senior officers left the briefing room as Chris remained at the head of the table. Sarah stopped at the door and looked at Chris, who had put his head in his hands.

“Are you all right,” she asked.

Chris looked up, and said, “Not really.”

Sarah let the door close and sat down next to Chris. “You are bothered being stuck away from home,” Sarah said.

“It’s not just that, it’s also the idea of what might possibly happen to our dimension,” Chris replied. “What if the Borg did send every ship against us?”

Sarah put her hand in Chris’s, and said, “Shouldn’t they have already?”

“I see your point,” Chris replied. “Maybe some day we will find out.”

The room was silent for a few moments, when Sarah finally replied, “Don’t worry, we’ll get home.”

Chris smiled, and replied, “Some how hearing that from you makes me positive we will.”

“Battle stations,” some one said over the communications system. “A Borg cube has been detected to the starboard and is closing in fast.”

Kalia sighed as she murmured, “Here we go again…”

She suddenly became alert and began giving out ordered. “Dison, remodulate shields once the attack begins. Bealize, get on that Photon torpedo and have it ready in four minutes to launch.” Kalia went over to the matter/antimatter controls and monitored the status of the warp core and adjoining systems. “Get another stabilizer on that port plasma conduit, it looks like it’s ready to fail.”

Engineering became a flurry of movement as everyone fulfilled their duties. Kalia looked at the data from the other warp core on the stardrive section. She tapped her comm badge and began, “Beta section, it looks like a plasma inducer is about to fail on the starboard side. Get some one on it immediately!”

“Yes ma’am,” some one replied before she deactivated her comm badge.

“They are dropping out of warp,” Ada reported.

“Fire the instant they are in range,” Chris ordered. Sarah felt fear grow inside herself as she monitored ship’s systems on her console. “Tell the Excelsior to hang back until we call her in.”

“Aye Captain,” Ada replied. “Firing.”

Eight photon torpedoes and five quantum torpedoes streaked away from the Dragon towards the recently appeared cube. All penetrated its shields and caused surface damage.

“Sir, the Resistance is hailing us…they are giving us coordinates to fire upon,” Ada reported.

“Helm, heading three-two-two mark six, full impulse power. Ada, target those coordinates and fire at will.”

“Engineering to bridge. We have that modified torpedo ready to launch,” Kalia said over the comm system.

“Very well, load her up,” Chris ordered. “Torpedo bay two.”

The ship shook as the cube attacked. “Ada, hold fire from torpedo bay two. Fire at my command.”

“Aye sir,” Ada replied.

On the view screen, Sarah could see that the Dragon was passing dangerously close to the cube.

“Bring us around to heading zero-two-three mark seven, take us down to three quarters impulse power,” Chris ordered.

“Torpedo is in the bay and ready to fire,” Ada reported.

Sarah looked up again as the Borg cube came into view again. “Fire,” Chris ordered.

A photon torpedo streaked away from the Borg cube and struck the ‘hole’ that was being created in the side of the cube. The torpedo was high yield and create a large explosion…larger than any other normal photon torpedo.

Suddenly, the cube began to detonate all over its hull. “Get us out of here,” Chris ordered. “Full impulse!”

The ship veered off course and sped away from the cube moments before it was destroyed.

“Captain,” Tom said immediately. “We’ve analyzed the information gathered, and…well…we can go home!”

Sarah and Chris looked back to the primary science station. Tom looked up and smiled at them both. Then his face became a slight frown. “There’s one catch…we have to go back to the exact coordinates we originally emerged from…in the Marauder Nebula.”

Sarah and Chris looked back at the view screen. Chris sighed and ordered, “Hail the Resistance and Excelsior.”

Both John and Captain Sulu appeared on the view screen. “We have to go back to the Marauder Nebula,” Chris began. “And we have to recreate the anomaly in the exact coordinates we emerged from it. It’s the only way we’ll be able to make it home.”

“So our next jump will take us to our dimension,” Captain Sulu asked.

“Looks like it,” Chris replied.

Captain Sulu let out a sigh. “It may be a little tricky, but we should be able to do it with our fire power,” John said.

“I say we set course immediately and get out of here before it’s too late,” Chris suggested. Both captains agreed.

Captain’s log: supplemental

We now may finally go home! The moment I’ve been waiting for since this ordeal began is now at hand. I remember once Captain Picard told me that odd things such as our dilemma happens in space all the time, and that when I’m a Captain, I will realize that as well. He was absolutely correct. I just wonder what space might have in store for us next. I just wish a starship might be there to greet us once we arrive.

Captain Sulu has expressed his gratitude time and time again on our trip back to the Marauder Nebula. My ‘son’ continues to blame himself for my other self’s death and insists on protecting me until we enter the anomaly. Though it’s dangerous, I must say, I don’t mind having a Borg cube protecting us till the last minute.

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