“Captain, the Resistance says that it detects two Borg cubes near the nebula, and says we will have to battle them,” Ada reported.

Chris looked up from his console and ordered, “Battle stations. Tell the Excelsior to hang back until called for.”

“Aye Captain.”

“Set all weapons and defense systems on a rotating modulation,” Chris continued.

“We are approaching the Borg cube,” Ada reported.

“Keep the viewscreen focused on the cube,” Chris continued. “Divert all free power to the weapons and defensive systems. Drop us out of warp.”

On the viewscreen, the stars stopped streaking by. Then the star field was replaced by two Borg cubes.

“They are hailing us,” Ada reported.

“Ignore it,” Chris ordered. “Set a course that’ll take us in between the two cube at full impulse power, concentrate all fire on the starboard cube. Full weapons spread.”

The cubes began to move closer as the Dragon also began to move. Phaser fire from the two emitters on top of the saucer section began firing. Then the ship brought its bow up and fired its lower phasers and fired full spreads of photon and quantum torpedoes. All impacted in relatively the same area of the cube. Then the Dragon rolled to port and fired its phaser on the bottom of the stardrive section and on the bottom of the nacelle struts. Then the Dragon finally passed between the two cubes, the ship shaked from the weapons impact of the Borg weapons.

“Sir, the resistance has given us coordinates to fire upon the starboard cube,” Ada reported.

“Target those coordinates and fire at will,” Chris ordered.

The aft torpedo launchers fired full spreads of photon and quantum torpedoes directed at a designated coordinate on the cube and struck home. Weapons fire from the Resistance was also impacting on those coordinates.

The Dragon came around for another pass and continued to fire all weapons. Finally the cube began to detonate just as the Dragon passed by it.

“One enemy ship destroyed,” Ada reported. “And we are receiving coordinates for the other cube.”

“Target and fire all weapons,” Chris ordered. The Dragon fired its aft weapons and then came around for a pass on the cube. Suddenly the cube shot away at an astonishing speed.

“What happened,” Chris asked as he sat on the edge of his seat.

“The cube entered a Transwarp conduit,” Tom reported.

“Good,” Chris remarked. “Get the Excelsior over here, we are getting out of here while we still can. Helm, set a course for the exact coordinates we emerged from the original anomaly. Full impulse, engage at my command.”

“Aye Captain,” James replied.

“Excelsior is approaching,” Ada reported.

“Once they come along side, engage,” Chris ordered. “Hail the Resistance.”

John appeared on the main view screen. “So, I’m going to lose you once again,” John said. “At least it’s not to death…”

“Good luck,” Chris said. “Keep the human spirit alive!”

John smiled, and replied, “I will, and thank you. I shall miss you.”

Chris nodded, and said, “Dragon out.” Chris really didn’t like cutting that type of conversation off like that, but he had to concentrate on getting this ship home.

“Entering the nebula,” Tom reported.

“Steady as she goes,” Chris said.

After a few minutes, the ship began to shake. Finally, James reported, “We are under the exact coordinates.”

Chris activated his comm badge, and ordered, “Engine room Delta, recreate the anomaly with the correct settings…and make it quick!”

“Anomaly in progress,” Tom reported. “Ten seconds until it is created.”

Finally, the anomaly appeared on the main viewscreen. Immediately, the Excelsior entered it.

“Helm, follow the Excelsior in, full impulse power.”

The Dragon then entered the anomaly, and Chris found himself still awake. “That mind shielding seems to have worked quite well,” Chris remarked.

Sarah nodded in reply, and said, “Which is good. I had nightmares the last time it happened.”

Chris held Sarah’s hand as they prayed that they would arrive home. Every part of their journey all came down to this one moment of travel. Suddenly, on the viewscreen, the Excelsior disappeared. “The Excelsior made it through,” Tom reported the obvious.

Finally, the normal colors of the nebula appeared. “Get us out of here,” Chris ordered immediately. “Status of the Excelsior.”

“She’s already on her way out,” Ada reported.

After a few minutes, normal space appeared. “Report,” Chris ordered.

“It’s going to be a few more minutes before the sensors come back on line,” Tom reported.

Sarah’s hand remained in Chris’s as the minutes passed by. Finally, and quite suddenly, Tom reported, “IT WORKED!!” With those to words, the bridge became a flurry of celebration. Chris and Sarah both jumped up, hand in hand, and shouted in celebration.

Captain’s log: Stardate 52158.9

We’ve finally made it! We have made it home! Tom reports that only a week has passed here during our week and a half of dimensional jumping. They are sending two ships to re-supply our ship, and after we send the Excelsior home, we are to report to dry dock.

I’m proud to say that no one has been killed and only a few injuries have been reported. Starfleet has commended me and has said a party will be thrown when we get home. This kind of surprised me in that I didn’t know that Starfleet did such things. I guess I’m glad that they aren’t a bunch of stiffs after all.

First Officer’s personal log: Stardate 52158.9 After all of this, for some reason, I feel much closer to Chris then I ever have. Maybe serving aboard the same ship again may bring us back together. The only reason we were ever separated was because of separate assignments. I think my love for him has doubled over the course of the past week and a half…I think the same has happened to him…

Suddenly a sensor alarm went off, and Chris looked back to the science station immediately. They were traveling in the nebula back to the exact point to recreate the anomaly for Excelsior.

“Sir, sensors detect a breach in progress on the Excelsior,” Tom said in an alarmed voice.

Suddenly, Captain Sulu appeared on the viewscreen. “Captain Harriman, we have a problem, which I’m positive you are aware of,” Captain Sulu started. “I know there’s nothing you can do, either. Perhaps your first officer was right in that we were never meant to be saved. How ever, I thank you for all of the help you have given us. You have shown me what it’s like to live again, instead of charting nebulas with this advanced ship.

“One other thing. I once met your great grandfather, Captain John Harriman…he may have been a great captain, but you surpass him. All I have is praise for your skills…Sulu out.”

The Viewscreen replaced Captain Sulu’s image with a view of the Excelsior. “Is there nothing we can do,” Chris asked.

After a few moments, Tom reported, “Nothing but run!”

Chris didn’t like the idea of leaving the Excelsior, but Sarah was right…the Excelsior couldn’t be saved. “Helm, get us out of here, maximum impulse power!”

After a few minutes, the Excelsior exploded. The shock wave hit the Dragon and sent every one on the bridge reeling. Once things settled down, Chris sat back in the command chair. He felt a sense of guilt, but realized that the Excelsior was a doomed ship from the start of this ordeal.

“Helm…set a course to intercept the two ships…warp six. Get damage crew on repairs immediately.”

Captain’s personal log:

After the destruction of the Excelsior and after this entire ordeal, I have realized how precious life is. We must not allow it to go to waste, or we might end up like the last dimension we visited. If the spirit lives, then the Borg will never take us.

And speaking of realizing how precious life is, I feel closer than I’ve ever felt to Sarah. Perhaps I will ask for her hand in marriage soon. I know she feels very close to me, and I wish for it to remain that way.

Now our mission finally comes to an end for a while. We will be given two weeks of shore leave once we reach Earth, and I’m looking forward to spending it with Sarah…

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