“And now we are finished with you,” Kalia said.

“Computer, send the reprogrammed version of the EMH to the bridge of Voyager,” Kara ordered.

The EMH instantly disappeared. Both sighed as Kalia remarked, “The Captain better not make us do this again!”

Captain’s log: Stardate 52159.17

We are approaching the Transwarp conduit. Luckily, it was still open, though I find that very strange. We found that it must be a long-term conduit, how ever, it is degrading by the minute, so we must act fast. The Enterprise has sent their modified EMH to Voyager, and it is ready to enter the conduit.

We also found out from Voyager’s EMH that when Voyager was divided, nanites from the Borg vessel were also fused into several parts of Voyager. They were still in operating order, however, Voyager never discovered that this happened until it was too late.

“Well enough philosophy, we’ve got work to do,” the Dragon’s EMH remarked. The Dragon’s EMH was manning the helm, the Enterprise’s was manning Engineering, while Voyager’s was manning the tactical station. “Engaging impulse engines.”

“We are entering the conduit,” Voyager’s EMH reported.

“Structural integrity is holding,” the Enterprise’s EMH reported. “How long until we enter normal space again?”

“Not long, getting the calculations now,” the Dragon’s EMH replied.

Captain Janeway looked up as the Doctor entered her ready room. “It’s getting worse, Captain,” the EMH reported. “Two crew members are in critical condition. If we don’t find out what’s causing this ship wide illness, we could all end up dead!”

Captain Janeway rubbed her temples as the headache worsened. “Doctor, the only reason we can even begin to guess is something to do with the surrounding space,” she replied.

“I have a different theory,” the EMH replied as he came over to Janeway with a hypospray. After he administered the medicine, the headache lightened a bit. “I found that several parts of the body were missing after our end of the conduit receded. I talked with Engineering and sciences. Engineering reports that there were several defects in several parts of the ship. Hence the cause in ship wide malfunctions.”

Janeway put her hand up, and said, “Enough, get to the point.”

“Well, I theorize that some how when the conduit receded and the opening passed through us, it took those parts of us, and may even have created a duplicate ship.”

Janeway looked up at the EMH with a surprised look on her face. “Captain to the bridge,” Chakotay said over the comm system.

Captain Janeway entered the bridge and ordered, “Report.”

Chakotay stood, and began, “We are reading a Borg Transwarp conduit ahead…possibly even the one we tried to pass through before. It also looks like something is about to come through it.”

Captain Janeway looked at the viewscreen, and ordered, “Battle stations.” The alert klaxon sounded immediately.

“The conduit’s opening,” Ensign Harry Kim reported.

“On screen,” Janeway ordered. An intrepid class vessel appeared out of the conduit in a green flash. “All stop,” she ordered. “Hail that ship.”

“No response,” Tuvok reported. “I’m not sensing any life forms on board.” After a few moments, Tuvok reported, “We are receiving a hail.”

Janeway was confused, but ordered, “On screen.”

The bridge of the vessel, which looked all too familiar, appeared. Standing on it were three EMH programs, one wearing the old uniform that Voyager still uses, the other two wearing the newer uniform.

“Captain Janeway, nice to see you human again,” the older EMH remarked. “I’m sending a message to you now. It’ll explain our situation and what you must do.”

Janeway looked at Tuvok, and ordered, “Well, what’s going on?”

“It’s from a federation starship called the USS Dragon,” Tuvok reported. “That Voyager is a duplicate of our ship. The Dragon and Enterprise’s EMH were put on board along with our EMH to pilot the ship back here and to give us these instructions. We are to create a Tachyon burst and, in a short period of time, should merge our ships back together. If we do not merge the ships, both will be destroyed.”

Captain Janeway looked at this Voyager’s EMH as he remarked, “So I was right.”

“What happened to that Voyager’s crew,” Chakotay asked the other Voyager’s EMH.

“They were assimilated, but are now all dead,” the other EMH replied.

“Very well, we will bring our ship up along side yours and begin the process,” Janeway said, barely containing her surprise and dread.

“I hope they succeed,” Chris commented.

“They did,” Sarah remarked. “If they didn’t, then Lieutenant Commander Kate Sheridan of the USS Argus would not exist, as she came from the future from Voyager.”

“Good point,” Chris remarked.

“Sir, the Enterprise is hailing us,” Ada reported.

“On screen,” Chris ordered.

“Hello, Mister Harriman,” Captain Picard began. “My, how times change…already a Captain.”

Chris smiled, and replied, “Captain Picard, it’s a pleasure to see you again as well. Shall we have dinner before our departure?”

“Agreed,” Captain Picard replied. “In half an hour.”

Chris nodded and replied, “Dragon out.”

Captain’s log: Stardate 52159.17

Apparently, Voyager succeeded in merging. It is too bad the conduit destabilized once Voyager got through, but according to Commander Tarkent, they wouldn’t have been able to get through in time. They merged right before they were destroyed…we think.

We are scheduled to meet with the senior staff of the Enterprise on our ship in ten minutes. I must say, I miss that crew. Despite the fact that I only served with them for a short period of time, we all became friends very quickly. I always did enjoy those horseback-riding simulations with Captain Picard. Since neither ship has an urgent mission at the moment, we probably will revisit those simulations again.

Captain’s personal log

After a romantic night with Sarah on a beach in Earth’s Bahamas, I have decided that some time soon I will ask for her hand in marriage. I don’t think I could stand not remaining close to her. She even brought the subject up that night, and I think I will ask soon. We both enjoy simplicity, so we will not make our wedding too fancy, I’m sure. How ever, we will decide that if she accepts.

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