Chris frowned as he looked up at the science station. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I was using a new type of sensor we just installed two days ago,” Tom began. “This sensor allows us to tell if what ever we see is from our dimension, a dimension we have visited, or another dimension all together. Any way, to make an already long story short, that Voyager seems as if it might have split…as in there is another Voyager some where else.”

“So does that mean we just destroy that Voyager,” Chris asked.

“No sir,” Tom replied. “We need to find a way to converge the two ships again before they both are destroyed.”

Chris thought a moment, and then said, “We could use a tachyon burst to do the trick,” Chris suggested.

“My thoughts exactly,” Tom replied.

“Ada, disable that ship immediately,” Chris ordered. “Use Quantum torpedoes to take out their shields, then disable their warp engines with a photon torpedo.”

A spread of quantum torpedoes hit Voyager’s shields, doing little hull damage in the process. After this long exchange of firepower, it was enough to take Voyager’s shields down.

Then, a photon torpedo hit Voyager’s starboard nacelle. “Sir, Voyager is dropping out of warp,” Tom reported.

“Go to impulse power…target their weapons and disable them as well,” Sarah ordered.

“Tom, does the ship have to be entirely intact to be able to successfully converge,” Chris asked.

“Yes sir,” Tom replied. “Or as close as we can get it to be.”

“Very well, take out life support as well,” Chris finished. “Scan for the collective on Voyager.”

“Already did so, sir,” Tom replied. “And as I’m sure you hoped, it’s in engineering.

“Good,” Chris remarked. “Have a particle weapon on a tripod ready to beam into engineering. Have it target one of the coolant tanks and have it puncture it. If it has a single hive mind, destroying Borg in engineering should distort every other Borg. Make sure life support is down so that they can’t filter the coolant in the air circulation system.”

“Life support is down,” Ada finally reported.

“Beam in the weapon,” Chris ordered.

“Particle phaser was successful in beaming over…and was successful in puncturing one of the coolant tanks,” Tom reported. “The Borg are ‘dying’ all over the ship, sir.”

“Good,” Chris said. “Put Voyager in tractor and let’s get back to the Transwarp conduit and hope it might still be open. Also, enter a message into Voyager and have it sent to the other Voyager whenever it encounters the other Voyager. ‘Use a tachyon pulse to re-converge your two ships other wise both ships will be destroyed.’ Also, have some holo-emmitters put on Voyager’s bridge and then re-program the EMH to be able to fly Voyager into the conduit.”

“Our EMH or Voyager’s,” Tom asked.

Chris thought it might be better if two of them were there, and ordered, “Both. How ever, make sure that new LMH is in working order before we sacrifice our EMH…actually, make a copy of our EMH program, since we have the time to spare on our trip back.”

Captain’s log: Supplemental

One Voyager crew down, another to go. How ever, we aren’t about to let this other Voyager go. I only hope the conduit it still open. The USS Enterprise is supposed to meet us at the location and is re-programming its EMH, which will allow three EMH’s on Voyager’s bridge. That should be enough to get the ship through, but the other Voyager is sure going to have a surprise.

“I’m a doctor, not a helmsman,” the EMH remarked to the ship’s doctor, Commander Kara Trieal and the ships engineer, Commander Kalia Tarkent. They both were already getting tired of him. All he did was complain about this mission, while the LMH remained online giving smart remarks to the EMH.

“Three EMH’s to work with and a fourth one waiting for you in the Delta quadrant,” the LMH remarked. “The philosophy you’ll be able to talk about while piloting the ship…”

“Oh be quiet,” the EMH remarked.

“Could you two keep your smart remarks to your selves,” Kara asked as a headache was beginning to set in. “You’re even worse the Bashir is in person,” Kara told the LMH.

“Well I’m not the one complaining about talking with a doctor from the Delta quadrant who probably has more knowledge than that scrap heap might ever hope to accomplish,” the LMH remarked.

“Why must they put so much into the programming of these blasted things,” Kalia asked quietly.

“I heard that,” both the EMH and LMH said at the same time.

“At least we are finished with you,” Kara remarked to the LMH as she finished some of the programming of the EMH. She looked at Kalia, and said, “All yours, Kalia.”

Kalia smiled, and said, “Computer, deactivate the LMH.”

“I beg your pardon,” the LMH said in its English accent as it dematerialized.

“Good,” the EMH remarked. “He takes up so much space, you might as well delete him.”

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