“Sir, something’s emerging from the conduit!”

“On screen,” Chris ordered as he looked to the main viewscreen. It looked like a greenish elongated Borg cube was coming at the Dragon, but then returned to normal color and size.

“Battle stations! Fire all weapons! Full impulse, evasive maneuvers.”

Weapons fire pounded the Borg cube as the Dragon maneuvered out of the way of the oncoming fire from the cube.

“Captain, another ship is emerging from the Transwarp conduit,” Tom reported. “Federation…It’s Voyager!!”

Chris looked up at the main viewscreen with a surprised look on his face, when he remembered that the conduit came all the way from the Delta quadrant, where Voyager was stuck.

“Sir, Voyager is giving us coordinates on the cube to attack,” Tom reported.

“Target those coordinates and fire at will,” Chris ordered.

Both Voyager and the Dragon were firing upon those coordinates when the cube finally exploded.

“Sir, Captain Janeway is hailing us,” Ada reported.

“On screen,” Chris ordered.

Captain Kathryn Janeway appeared on the main viewscreen. “I’m Captain Janeway of the starship Voyager.”

“I’m Captain Chris Harriman of the starship Dragon,” Chris replied. “Welcome home, Captain.”

Janeway smiled, and said, “Thank you, Captain. Newly appointed?”

“Yes, with a new class of starship,” Chris replied. “How about we talk about it on the way back to Earth?”

Janeway smiled even deeper, and said, “Agreed.”


Captain Janeway found herself waking up in sickbay. She looked around to see several other crewmen in sickbay. In fact, the entire sickbay was filled with crewmen.

She called the Doctor over. “What happened,” she asked.

“The Transwarp conduit was so unstable that we were forced out of the conduit,” the Doctor replied. “In the process, nearly every one on this ship was injured and lost consciousness. How ever, we did manage to shave four years off of our trip home, or so Mister Paris tells me.”

End interlude

“Well, we are supposed to meet the crew of Voyager in five minutes,” Chris began. “Shall we meet them,” he asked Sarah.

Sarah never got a chance to answer. “Sir, Voyager is powering up its weapons and defensive systems,” Ada reported.

“What are they targeting,” Chris asked, wondering why Voyager was raising its defense systems.

“Nothing yet…wait…they are targeting us!!”

“Shields! Battle stations, red alert!”

Suddenly the ship shook as fire from Voyager hit the Dragon’s hull. “Hull breach on decks thirty through thirty-four,” Ada reported.

“Lock weapons and return fire,” Chris ordered. “Get a force field on that hull breach now!”

“Shields are down to forty eight percent…they hit our shield generator,” Ada reported.

Chris watched as fire from the Dragon pounded on Voyager’s shields.

“Open a channel,” Chris ordered. “Captain Janeway, would you mind telling me what the hell you are doing,” Chris asked in a furious voice.

“No reply,” Ada reported. “Sir, Voyager is moving into high warp on a direct course for Earth!”

“Helm, set an intercept course and engage at maximum warp,” Chris ordered. “Fire a spread of photon torpedoes!”

A full spread of torpedoes streaked away and hit Voyager just as she was entering warp speed.

“Course locked in,” the ship’s primary helmsman, Lieutenant James Trikal, reported. “We are catching up, but slowly…we are only going point five times the speed of light faster than they are!”

A full spread of photon torpedoes hit the Dragon. “Voyager is continuing to fire upon us,” Ada reported.

“Scan Voyager, find out what is going on over there,” Chris asked.

After a few minutes of exchanging photon torpedo hits, Tom finally reported, “Captain, they’re all Borg!”

Chris looked up at the view screen, and remembered what happened to the Enterprise-E, but then also remembered that Voyager’s shields were never down during the battle.

“There’s nothing we can do for them…fire all…”

“Wait Captain,” Tom suddenly interrupted. “I’m receiving strange readings from Voyager…as if it was only half Voyager.”

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