“Warp ten achieved, no effect on warp field or structural integrity,” James said. “Warp eleven! Warp twelve!”

“Engineering,” Chris asked. Sarah felt her excitement jump probably twenty levels above its previous level.

“No problem, bridge,” Kalia reported. “How ever, once we crossed warp ten, power level output jumped to seventy-five percent. That seems to be a tough thresh hold to cross. I’d say our new maximum speed should be about warp fifteen, seventeen in short emergency trips. I recommend we have warp fifteen as our set maximum speed…after we test it, that is.”

“Very well, Sarah, give the order,” Chris said.

I could get used to this, Sarah thought. “Helm, warp fifteen…engage!”

“Warp thirteen,” James continued. “Warp fourteen!! WARP FIFTEEN, WE DID IT!!!!”

“Great work every one,” Chris said above the shouting of celebration. “We’ve earned a celebration!”

Captain’s Log: Supplemental

Today, we have achieved a great speed, one that even the Federation might not be able to accomplish for a while. I regret not being able to share this with the Federation, but I hope they can handle themselves with out it. Today I was talking to Kalia, and she said that if we could find a way to increase power output of the warp core, we might be able to achieve even greater speeds than this. The Borg certainly knows how to increase engine capacity.

Once we find a safe harbor, we will dock and begin adding the new weaponry that my ‘son’ had given us schematics on. Mean while, while we find this safe harbor, we will be spreading Quantum torpedo technology along the way so as to hold the Vorkalai back long enough to find some one who can put up an adequate fight against the Vorkalai.

I can’t help but wonder what we’ll find in this galaxy. Such an alien place, yet…some how, so normal. I wonder how the Vorkalai could speak our language. I hadn’t expected any English speaking cultures to be in this galaxy. Who knows what else we’ll find in this galaxy…maybe even a cure for some mass killing plague… We are traveling into a new frontier.

Chris found himself staring out the aft window of his ready room drinking Earl Gray once again. He found it a relaxing view. Suddenly the door chime sounded.

“Come,” Chris replied. He saw in the reflection on the window Sarah step into the room. “Hi, Sarah,” he said as he turned around. “Would you like some Earl Gray?”

“No thanks, Chris, I just was wondering if we might be able to have a nice talk,” Sarah replied. “It’s been so long since we have actually had the time to actually sit down and have a relaxing chat.”

Chris smiled, and said, “Very well, how about the Black Sea on a full moon?”

Sarah smiled and said, “That would be nice.”

After they began the simulation in one of the holodecks, they began to talk about their days at the academy.

“I still remember the first day we met,” Sarah said as she felt her love for Chris in side her.

Chris let out a small laugh as they both stared at Earth’s moon from the late twentieth century. “Not exactly the best of all terms, at first.”

Sarah smiled, and said, “No, not really…but it only took us about a week after that little accident to become great friends.”

“You know, I’ve loved you since our sophomore year,” Chris said. “I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you, for some reason.”

Sarah’s memories flooded back into her mind as she also had felt strong feelings for Chris in the academy. She also remembered what happened the day she was going to tell him about her feelings for him.

“Yes, but then you went a year ahead of me in the academy,” She said. “We still saw each other a lot, but then at the end, you left a year before me, and we hadn’t seen each other since until we were both assigned to the Enterprise.”

It was silent for a moment. Sarah was remembering when she had finally told Chris, except…for some reason, she couldn’t quite remember any thing. All she could remember was that something had happened to the galaxy, something that took two years to end. How ever, the feelings Sarah and Chris had for each other in those two years that now had never happened remained. Words couldn’t describe the love she felt for Chris.

The moon’s reflection off of the surface of the Black Sea looked so beautiful. A beautiful music Sarah had never heard before was playing some where along the fire-lit beach. She looked at some of the small camp fires that were along the beach, wondering who made them and why.

“I wish we could remember what had happened those two years,” Chris remarked. “All I remember is that we fell in love and that for some reason, Q made it difficult for us to remember those events only about two weeks after time went back to normal.”

Neither of them said any thing for the rest of the night.

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