Captain's Log: Supplemental

After nearly a month of major refitting, the Dragon is almost ready to leave dry dock and begin preparations for battle. I cringe at the up coming battles…I can't help but wonder how many people will die. How ever, we must prevent the Vorkalai from destroying every thing.

On to a brighter subject, with only a month of preparation, Sarah and I are to be married today. This is a day I've long awaited…

"You're nervous," the ship's second officer, Thomas Halkrat, commented to Captain Chris Harriman.

"Wouldn't you be if you were about to get married to the woman you've loved since you were seventeen," Chris asked, fixing his white bow tie.

Tom shrugged before commenting, "Well, I guess I would."

Chris smiled. "Trust me, you would be."

Chris finished fixing his tie and walked over to the coffee table in front of the couch. He picked up another case which held a wedding ring which, to Chris's dismay, was traditionally less elaborate than an engagement ring.

He handed it to Tom and said, "Okay best man, how do I look?"

"Other than nervous," Tom asked sarcastically. Chris nodded, annoyed. "You look like you just came from a fleet pep rally, but I guess that's only because you are nervous…other wise you like fine."

Chris smiled wryly and headed for the exit. Both Chris and Tom walked along the hall at a brisk pace. Not long after, they came upon a turbolift. Chris pressed the button that would summon the lift.

He touched his tie again, making sure it was still in place.

"Trieal to Harriman," Commander Kara Trieal, the ship's chief medical officer, said over the comm system.

Chris tapped his comm badge and said, "Harriman here, go ahead."

"You going to be down here any time soon?"

The turbolift doors opened and the two entered. "On my way right now, Harriman out."

"Deck five," Tom told the computer. The lift began to move upward, but the trip was very short. They exited the lift and walked quickly over to the doors that led to holodeck one. The doors parted for them and they walked into a small room. The doors then closed behind them and vanished.

"You're late," Kara said as she came over and made sure Chris's tie was right.

"Traffic," Chris said sarcastically.

"Nice," Kara replied sarcastically. "Come on."

They left the room and walked into the wedding hall which, in contradiction to Sarah and Chris's taste, was very elaborate and stylish.

They stepped up onto the altar and stood, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Wedding music suddenly began to play, which was the cue. With that, Sarah emerged in her simple, yet beautiful wedding gown. She had the biggest smile on her face as she slowly walked down the center of the hall.

Chris stared into her beautiful eyes the entire time it took her to make it to the altar. They smiled at one another then faced the priest, who was a Hintaru wedding 'priest.'

The music ceased, and the 'priest' began. "Dearly beloved…"

Suddenly an alert klaxon sounded, interrupting the 'priest.'

"Red alert," Lieutenant Vendar Perkins stated over the ship's intercom system. "All hands to battle stations. An outer defense colony has sent a distress signal…the Vorkalai are here."

Chris looked to Sarah, who in turn looked to him. They both had a face of horror as they knew what was coming.

They began to walk down the middle of the hall towards the recently appeared exit, officers and family streaming out of the hall. The hall was overwhelmed with people talking.

Chris brought a communicator out of his pocked and tapped it before placing it back on his suit. "Harriman to bridge, get immediate permission to exit dry dock and get any one not on board on board. Have all technicians still on the outer hull get out of here."

"Aye Captain," Vendar replied.

"Clear all moorings," Chris said as he and the remainder of the senior staff entered the bridge. Vendar stood from the command chair and took her place at ops. "Release umbilical cords and docking clamps."

Chris sat down in the command chair, Sarah to his right, and the ship's counsellor, Lieutenant Terry Latrael, to his left.

"Dry dock says we are clear for departure," Vendar said.

Chris opened a ship wide channel. "This is the Captain speaking. This is it every one…the war starts now, with our ships as the spear head of the defense. Let's make sure the Vorkalai fear the name Dragon…and let's give 'em hell!" He closed the channel then checked his console to confirm that the ship was almost ready.

"Bring all systems online," Sarah ordered. "Power up the thrusters and impulse engines. Bring all warp cores online."

Chris opened a channel and said, "Bridge to engineering, status report."

"Engineering here," the ship's chief engineer, Commander Kalia Tarkent, began. "Every thing's locked up tighter than a submarine, sir. All technicians on the outer hull are clear, all systems are ready."

"Thank you, bridge out."

"Thrusters at station keeping," Sarah ordered.

"Thrusters at station keeping," the ship's primary helmsman, Lieutenant James Trikal, confirmed.

"Every thing's clear," Vendar stated.

"Every legend has a beginning," Sarah commented quietly.

Chris smiled and ordered, "Helm, aft thrusters to full."

With that, the ship began to move forward. With the new upgrades, the Dragon was now the most powerful ship in both the Federation and Hintaru Alliance. It would be the spear head of the defensive and offensive against the Vorkalai, and it would be formidable.

"All fighter pilots gear up," Sarah said over the ship's comm system. "Get to your fighters and prepare to launch the instant we order it."

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