Captain’s Log: Supplemental

We are moving at warp thirteen towards the Battle Sector. Vorkalai ships continue to show up at the scene, and right now we are looking at 321,417 Vorkalai ships. We have merely 123,287 ships. I hope its enough…

Chris entered deck 14, heading towards his quarters. He was looking at a schematic. Suddenly, he heard the familiar voice…

“What’s up, Cappy?”

Chris smiled as he stopped and looked up. Charley was standing in front of him. “Deck 13,” Chris replied, then continued on his way, Charley following next to him.

“Nice to know you’ve kept your cheap sarcasm with you,” Charley said.

Chris grinned. “Not nice to know you’ve got your smart remarks with you.”

Charley gave a cocky grin. “Of course.”

Chris sighed. “Well, don’t do it on my bridge, or my half-Vulcan science officer will be Junior Science Officer again.”

Charley brought his hands up in a defensive gesture. He made a hurt face as he said, “Hey, take it easy, Cappy. I’m on your side, remember?”

Chris let out a quiet laugh. “Exactly.”

They came to his quarters. As Chris entered, Charley walked off down the hall the way they had just come.

As Chris had hoped, Sarah was there. She was sitting on the couch, reading a novel. He sat down next to her and sighed, setting down his data padd. When she didn’t react to him, he looked at what novel she was reading.

Chris frowned. “Moby Dick?”

Sarah smiled, knowing what Chris would say. Chris shook his head. “That has to be one of the dullest books I’ve yet to read.”

“I’m beginning to agree with you,” Sarah replied.

Chris laughed for a moment. “Only Captain Picard is that much into the past…”

Sarah marked her place, closed the book, and set it down on the coffee table in front of the couch. “Let’s hope we don’t lose any more people,” she said in a quiet voice.

Chris merely nodded.

R’Sharn checked her long range scanners as an alarm sounded for a moment. “Sir, long range sensors have picked up another group of Vorkalai ships joining the fleet.”

“How many,” Perkins asked from the command chair.

After a moment, her sensors confirmed the number. “327,” R’Sharn replied.

Perkins tapped her comm badge. “Bridge to Captain Harriman,” she said.

After a moment, “Harriman here. Go ahead, Perkins.”

“Sir, 327 Vorkalai ships just joined the rest of the Vorkalai fleet,” she stated.

She heard him sigh. “Very well, keep me informed. Harriman out.”

R’Sharn felt anger rush into her again. She had been brought back down to a Junior Ops Officer when she was supposed to be a Senior Officer. But Perkins beat her to the job…

She would prove herself to Chris. She would prove she should be the senior officer. Not some rookie fresh out of the academy. She would prove herself…

“Bridge to Captain Harriman,” Perkins said over the comm system only 30 minutes after she had before.

Chris sighed again, tapping his comm badge while setting down his novel. “Harriman here. More ships?”

“No, sir,” Perkins replied. “We are ten minutes away from the Battle Sector.”

Chris looked to Sarah, who had the look of dread come across her face. “Battle stations,” Chris ordered, wanting every one to get back on their toes again. He stood and left his quarters, Sarah following close behind.

“Captain,” Perkins nodded as she stood from the command chair and took R’Sharn’s place at Ops.

“Power up all defensive systems,” Chris ordered, sitting down in the command chair. He sighed, knowing exactly what he should do.

He opened a comm channel to the entire ship. “This is the Captain speaking,” he began, knowing he was never good at making speeches. “We lost a lot of people last time,” he continued. “But thanks to new allies, that won’t happen again. Those lives lost won’t be in vain. We will avenge their deaths, and we will defeat the Vorkalai. After today, we begin pressing into Vorkalai space.”

He looked at the ship’s Dedicatin plaque, and smiled at the Scottish quote on it. “Some of you may wonder…wonder what we are doing here. Wondering why we aren’t trying to find a way home. Well we are Starfleet officers and members of the Federation, and it is our duty to protect what we deserve, and have fought, since the dawn of time, to keep.” He smiled, finally ready to use the quote on the Dedication plaque. “We are fighting for our right to exist…and we are fighting for our freedom. And as our Dedication Plaque states: ‘They may take our lives…but they will never take our freedom.’ Let’s win this war not only for our selves, for the Hintaru, or for the Federation…but let’s win this war for freedom!”

He immediately closed the channel, realizing that, for once in his life, he gave a nice speech. Sarah, with a huge smile on her face, leaned over and whispered, “If that doesn’t motivate them, nothing will!”

Chris laughed quietly for a moment, then prepared himself.

“Telemetry says we are dropping out of warp in one minute,” Perkins stated.

Chris nodded.

“Today, we fight for our freedom. Tomorrow, we do it again. And we shall keep doing it, until all of the wrongs have been righted. And until all oppression is destroyed, we shall keep fighting in those tomorrow’s merely so that we can fight another day.”

“Dropping out of warp,” James stated. The stars streaking by on the viewscreen suddenly stopped to show the familiar star field of the Battle Sector. All of the Britar ships in front of the Dragon were now visible, their powerful ships a hopeful sign to the battered Hintaru fleet.

“The Vorkalai fleet has positioned it’s largest ships on the front,” Perkins stated.

“Dragon to Bertaan,” Chris said.

“Go ahead, Captain,” Bertaan replied over the comm system.

“Recommend you concentrate a lot of fire power on the bigger ships, while on the smaller ships, two to three torpedoes should be enough,” Chris said.

“Right, will do,” Bertaan replied.

Suddenly, a barrage of torpedoes flew away from the lead ship at one single destroyer, followed by the others as they came into range. Luckily, the concentration on that one ship was enough to destroy it…though only eight ships had a chance to fire on it.

Now, Quantum torpedoes were flying every where, as the Britar fleet was beginning evasive meneuvers. It seemed as if endless streams of torpedoes were hitting the Vorkalai.

The Vorkalai, on the other hand, barely fired off a few shots. The more the Bertaan fleet moved forward, the more the Vorkalai were reduced.

It was a wonderful sight to see for the depressed Dragon crew, and Chris knew that this battle alone would give them the will to survive again.

The Britar were their saviors. Not just of life, but of will power.

The Dragon actually only destroyed one stray Vorkalai ship, the rest destroyed by the Britar fleet.

Chris smiled, standing up to see a view screen filled with Hintaru and Bertaan ships…and those ships alone. This would indeed be a long day remembered…

Then it struck him. A tactical advantage the Vorkalai themselves had was left vunerable.

“Damn,” Chris suddenly said out loud. Immediately the cheering bridge ceased, all looking at Chris. He realized he had said it louder then he had intended.

He looked to Perkins. “Perkins, see if we are still receiving telemetry from the sensor probes near the Defense Base.”

“Sir?” she asked, a look of confusion across her face.

“Just do it!” Chris said a little harsher than he should have.

He felt Sarah’s hand on his shoulder, which actually startled him. He looked into her beautiful eyes.

“Chris, what’s wrong,” she asked, more confused than even Perkins was.

“Nothing, sir,” Perkins stated, looking to Chris with even more confusion on her face.

Chris looked to Carl, the Hintaru that seemed to be now stationed aboard the Dragon. “Carl, you said the Vorkalai don’t use worm holes, right?” Chris asked.

Carl nodded. “That’s what was said in their computer core that we recovered,” he replied. Suddenly horror came over his face. “How ever, when they met a civilization that produced a lot of resistance, they did use a worm hole to go behind the civilization’s territory, and came in behind for the final kill.”

Chris looked sharply to Perkins again. “Hail the defense base,” he ordered.

She turned back to her console and furiously moved across the console. Then, she stopped, waiting for a reply…longer than she needed to. Chris didn’t even let her report.

“Helm, set a course for the Defense Base, maximum warp!” Chris ordered sitting down in the command chair. “Perkins, tell the fleet to follow.”

“Aye, sir,” she replied.


The Dragon emerged from warp, followed closely by the rest of the fleet. Chris stared at the view screen, his hopes deminished. Debris was all the remained.

“No life signs,” Perkins stated.

Chris nodded. No doubt some Vorkalai ships were headed for Hintaru 3 right now. But then another thought occurred to him as they neared the debris field.

“Ready a Quantum torpedo,” he ordered. “Fire at an angle to starboard.”

“Firing,” Ada stated. A blue torpedo streaked away from the Dragon to the starboard, and just as Chris had expected, impacted on empty space. How ever, that empty space was soon replaced by debris and explosions.

“Full impulse, evasive meneuvers!” Chris shouted, sitting down in his chair. Just as he expected, thousands of Vorkalai ships began decloaking through out the entire debris field. Weapons fire barely missed the Dragon as she meneuvered out of the way.

“Fire all weapons!” Chris ordered, bringing a tactical on to his console.

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