Captain’s log: supplemental

As we continue on through the Kalium galaxy, another system has been sabotaged. This time, luckily, it was just a trivial system…the lighting system. For about a half an hour we were stumbling around the bridge, the only lighting being that from the consoles. It took engineering an hour to bring the entire system back online.

The other day I was continuing to search through the list of crewmembers on the ship, and I found something interesting. We have a changeling on board, one who has been with the Federation for six years now. He has agreed to help us with our mission. Here’s the plan: the day that the power went out, two more crewmen went missing. So, I fired my phaser on all who had been informed about the changelings, and all but one were clear. So, I had our new changeling friend merge with this other changeling to try to gather some information about them. Unfortunately, it killed the other changeling. How ever, our changeling has found out when and where the next meeting of the remaining seventeen changelings is to take place…in holodeck four in one hour. He now prepares to show up in the other changeling’s natural humanoid form.

Lieutenant, jr. grade Adora entered the holodeck to find himself standing in some office room with a large table in the room. The table had twenty chairs situated around it.

“Ah, Kita, I see you have arrived early,” some one said. Adora looked over to his left to see another changeling standing by the door. “For once,” the changeling said in a menacing tone of voice.

Adora was in the form of a female changeling. He simply nodded to the other changeling, guessing that the name of the changeling he was impersonating was called Kita. “Take a seat,” the changeling said as he motioned to a chair. Adora followed his hand and then sat down in the chair.

After about four minutes, every one had arrived, save the three that Captain Harriman had discovered.

“All right,” the changeling who had greeted Adora began. “Let’s get started. Obviously we need to continue to move up in the ranks. Unfortunately, Captain Harriman has discovered our existence on this ship, but that won’t stop us.”

“Now, tomorrow at fourteen hundred hours, we will sabotage one of the primary fusion reactors. While two of us will do that, the rest will attempt to move up in the ranks again.”

“Which fusion reactor,” Adora asked.

The leader looked at him and replied, “Reactor number one.”

“Well that’s all for this meeting. You two,” he pointed at two changelings opposite of Adora. “Remain here and we will discuss it. The rest of you, dismissed.”

“Suggestions,” Captain Chris Harriman asked his chief of security, Lieutenant Ada Marquet.

Every one was sitting in the briefing room in their assigned seats, save the two missing senior officers.

“Easy,” Ada replied. “We set up phaser rifles in the area and then have holo emitters put in the room to hide the phaser rifles. When the two enter in far enough, the emitters will go off line and the phasers will fire, causing them to become their puddle of silver liquid. Have them motion sensitive so that they shoot if they try to form into their human forms again or try to leave.”

“All right, make it so,” Chris ordered. He looked over to the ship’s first officer, Commander Sarah Caft, and ordered, “Go with Ada to set it up. I want you two to monitor the reactor tomorrow.” He looked back at Ada. “Also have a security team near by in the event that something goes wrong.”

Both nodded and stood. They began discussing what they would do as they were about to leave the room. “Oh, Ada,” Chris stopped them. “Also make sure any officers we have informed are cautious tomorrow. Warn each of them, or have some one warn them.”

Ada nodded as they left the room. Chris looked at the remaining crewmembers. All that remained were the ship’s science officer, Lieutenant Thomas Halkrat, and the ship’s medical officer, Commander Kara Trieal, as well as the changeling who had helped them.

“This room seems empty now,” Chris commented. “Kara, Tom, find a way to scan the ship to see if we can’t find a way to detect the changelings. Concentrate your scans on the fusion reactor tomorrow, and after we capture the two, scan them over personally. Also Tom, see if you can find an uninhabited M class planet that is suitable enough to leave our guests. I don’t want to kill them unless absolutely necessary.”

Both nodded and left, and all that remained was Adora. “Once again Adora, thanks for your help.”

“No problem sir,” Adora replied.

“Dismissed,” Chris ordered.

As Adora left, Chris wondered when this ship might see some peace and quiet again. After they traveled through that area of space with no planets, just stars, things had gotten rough again.

He sat there for a couple of minutes before Sarah said over the comm system, “Captain to the bridge.”

As Chris headed for the doors leading to the bridge, the ship suddenly shook violently, throwing Chris to the floor. The alert klaxon sounded as the lights on the bulkheads turned red.

Chris tried to stand up as the ship continued to lurch this way and that. He ran out onto the bridge and immediately sat down in the command chair. Amazingly, every one was at their stations instead of sprawled across the floor.

“Report,” Chris ordered as he looked at the readings on his console.

“We thought we detected a cloaked ship so we all stayed to check it out,” Sarah began. “Suddenly, a Vorkalai heavy battle ship decloaked and began to fire on us!”

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