“Open a channel,” Chris ordered. “To the Vorkalai captain, this is Captain Chris Harriman of the Federation starship Dragon. Cease your attack or I will be forced to destroy you.”

After a moment, an audio reply came back over the channel. “We do not recognize the Federation. We have scanned your technology and you pose no threat. How ever, we wish to take your technology. Surrender now or be destroyed.”

“Target their weapons array,” Chris ordered. “Prepare a single Quantum torpedo.”

“Ready sir,” Ada reported.


A Quantum torpedo streaked away and hit one of the three weapons fins, causing it to break off of the large Vorkalai ship.

“I say again,” Chris began. “Break off your attack and surrender any hostages you may have aboard your vessel.”

After a moment, Ada reported, “Well, they are responding by setting a collision course. Impact in thirty seconds.”

“Very well, target their bridge and fire a single torpedo,” Chris ordered. “Let’s see if we can capture their ship.”

Another Quantum torpedo streaked away, this time hitting the center of the ship.

“They’re spinning out of control,” Ada reported. “Their shields are down, but their power core is going critical!”

“Bridge to transporter rooms,” Chris began. “Beam as many Vorkalai off of the ship to the Brigs. Helm, get us to a safe distance.”

After about thirty seconds, the ship finally was destroyed.

“Thirty Vorkalai have been successfully transported and are contained,” Ada reported. Then she said, “Uh, I’m picking up more signals…”

Suddenly the view screen showed at least forty Vorkalai ships decloaking around the Dragon. Chris stood as a look of horror crossed his face.


Suddenly the ship shook violently and every one was thrown to the floor. Every one struggled to get back to their posts, Ada being the first. Chris finally got into his seat again when Ada suddenly reported, “Sir, twenty other ships are coming in! None of them are Vorkalai!”

The ship shook again and the conn exploded in an ensign’s face. “The other ships are attacking the Vorkalai,” Ada reported. “The Vorkalai are splitting up.”

“Helm, evasive maneuvers, pattern omega fourteen,” Chris ordered. “Ada, weapons at your discretion. Fire two Quantum torpedoes at every ship.”

The ship shook again as the power systems began to short out. “The power distribution network is shorting out all over the ship,” an engineer reported. “What ever their weapons are, they not only damage the ship, but they also effect the Power distribution network!”

“Full impulse,” Chris ordered. “Heading 221 mark 4.”

“Sir, the reactor for the shields is about to shut down,” the engineer said.

“Put emergency power to that generator, keep it going as long as you can,” Sarah ordered.

The ship shook again as Chris saw four enemy ships become piles of scrap metal. The lights on the bridge powered down, but the emergency lights immediately came online.

“A total of six enemy ships have been destroyed so far,” Ada reported. “Looks like our friends have effective weaponry.”

The ship shook yet again, and Sarah reported, “Hull breach on decks forty through forty five!”

“Bring the saucer section’s warp core to full power output and use it to power the shields and structural integrity field,” Chris ordered.

Suddenly the ship shook more violently than it ever has, sending every one flying around the bridge. A constant drone could be heard as the emergency generators came online. As every one returned to their stations, James said, “Jeeze, these people are suicidal!”

“An enemy ship has collided with us,” Ada reported.

“Hull breach on decks 14 through 16, 31 through 34, and 40 through 43,” Sarah reported. “Four casualties reported so far, two crew men missing.”

“Fire all weapons, aft and fore, at every Vorkalai you can hit,” Chris ordered. “Heading 221 mark 12, full impulse.”

After a few more minutes into the battle, Ada reported, “Sir, twenty two Vorkalai ships have been destroyed. The rest are leaving…apparently to regroup.”

“As much as I hate to use high yield weaponry…” Chris began. “Ada, prepare a high yield Quantum torpedo, aim it at the lead ship. Make sure it has a yield large enough to destroy all or most ships.”

“Aye, sir,” Ada replied.

“Tell our new friends to stay clear,” Chris said.

“Torpedo is ready,” Ada reported.

“Fire,” Chris said, watching the view screen closely. Suddenly a very bright blue torpedo streaked away from the Dragon towards the Vorkalai ships. Chris waited impatiently as he watched closely. Then as he took in all of the remaining ships, he realized something. “Tactical,” he ordered.

The view screen turned into a simple grid showing the battlefield. He saw the torpedo hit the lead ship and detonate. The computer showed a bright orange explosion to show that the torpedo detonated. Moments later Chris saw only four Vorkalai ships were left, two of which were badly damaged.

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