Captain’s Log: Supplemental.

We are now traveling at Warp twelve away from a planet that we deposited the changelings on. We all agreed that the small ‘colony’ would never be noticed by the Vorkalai. We left them some technology so that they could survive with out too much trouble.

Repairs on the ship are going better than expected. We have detected no signs of the Vorkalai so far. Luckily it seems that they have yet to breach the warp ten barrier. Carl has been a great help to us as we travel along, lending extra crew for repairs, despite the fact that his ship had been heavily damaged as well. Also, Carl tells me that we are not as far away from Hintaru space as he had originally thought, and that with in the next month we will reach that space. We have agreed to make no unnecessary stops along the way so that we can get as far ahead of the Vorkalai as possible.

Commander Kalia Tarkent stepped off of the transporter pad, still staring at a data padd. She had just gotten back from a little trip over to the Dintaqua to see if she could find some way to get some type of shielding that could help against the Vorkalai weaponry. With the help of the Hintaru engineers, she had found a possible way.

She immediately headed towards engineering to get help on altering the shield generator. Then she instead went to the shield generator immediately. She tapped her comm badge and ordered, “Tarkent to engineering, I need a team to meet me at the primary shield generator immediately. We need to make some major adjustments to it…hell, we might as well tear it apart and construct a new one!”

Though they may have to completely redesign the generator, it should make their shields nearly five times as powerful as their current force rating, and only use up about two percent more power than the current one. This could seriously help them survive alone in the Kalium galaxy.

Captain Chris Harriman studied the status report of his ship. Only three days since the battle, and already most systems were fully functional. The engineers on this ship were, after all, the best Starfleet had to offer.

“Diqualia to Captain Harriman,” Carl said over a communications channel. “Captain, we need to meet immediately. I am beaming over to your ship and will meet you in the briefing room.”

Chris tapped his comm badge and ordered, “Senior officers report to the briefing room immediately. And yes, that means you too Kalia.”

Chris deactivated his comm badge and then sighed as he put the data padd down. He left his ready room and crossed the bridge over to the briefing room. It didn’t take long for every one to get there.

“All right Carl, enlighten us,” Chris said.

Chris looked over to the first officer, Commander Sarah Caft, and saw that she looked tired.

He looked over to the briefing screen on one of the walls at the end of the table. Carl activated it to show a very strange looking ship. Chris could see that the ship was huge. The ship basically was constructed around some huge crystal. Four horizontal columns went from one end of the crystal to the other, with other pylons and columns for structural support here and there. The ship was a silver color and at each end of the four columns were parts of either command or engineering sections. It most likely had bunks in the forward section.

Carl pointed to the ship and began, “We just stumbled across information on this ship in the computer core we stole from the Vorkalai. Odd as it may seem, the Vorkalai gave it a simple name: The Destroyer. How ever, that name suites this vessel well. They found this huge crystal in the core of some planet they had recently taken, and found that if harnessed correctly, it could target an area and cause a disruption in the space time continuum. Basically the area it targets loses all its properties. It causes the laws of physics to basically cease to exist, or disrupt the laws of physics. It essentially causes matter to break apart.”

Chris felt his eyes go wide as he realized what this project could be used for. “So, this could actually be used for several things,” Carl continued. “Easy destruction of a large ship, the destruction of a planet…or even can cause a star to go nova. Luckily it can’t target ships smaller than two thousand meters in depth, length, or height. How ever, this thing has a very advanced shielding system and also has extensive armor. Its roughly five times the size of the Dragon and is armed beyond comprehension.

“Luckily, the ship hasn’t been completed yet. How ever, it is scheduled to finish completion in two or three month.”

“So basically its something to use against stubborn resistance,” Chris commented.

Carl nodded and said, “Looks that way.”

Chris thought a moment and then asked, “Kalia, how’s the shield generator coming along?”

“About four days till we finish with it,” Kalia replied. “That’s working double shifts and assuming that we encounter no problems.”

“Very well,” Chris said. “We’ll remain at high warp for the time being.” Chris looked at the science officer, Lieutenant Commander Thomas Halkrat, and ordered, “Meanwhile Tom, I want you to scan for any shorter way back to Hintaru space, or closer. Maybe a worm hole or something.”

“Aye sir,” Tom replied.


As every one filed out of the briefing room, Chris said, “Sarah, can you wait a moment?”

Sarah stayed behind, and when every one finally left, Chris asked, “So why are you so tired? Haven’t you gotten enough sleep recently?”

Sarah sat down next to Chris, and said, “Actually, I’ve had some sleepless nights recently…because every night, I think about home.”

Chris nodded, and said, “Yes I think about that too. Matter of fact, I’ve had some sleepless nights, only because I now think about the six dead crew members… They died in such a foreign land…”

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