She stopped right next to him and got his attention by saying, “Excuse me.”

He looked to her and said, “Can I help you,” in that same peaceful tone that he had used before.

Immediately Kalia recognized him. “Kailar? Kailar Nerissay?” The man looked surprised.

“How did you know my name,” Kailar asked. He was, indeed, the Bajoran like person who had allowed the Dragon to go back in time as well as back to their galaxy to stop a group of Dominion warships from changing time.

“We have a lot to talk about,” Kalia said. “Would you mind coming with me to the USS Dragon?”

Commander Kara Trieal, the ship’s chief medical officer, sighed as she finally came to the transporter room.

As she entered it, the officer on duty nodded and said, “Been expecting you ma’am. Other than Commander Tarkent, that Bajoran, and myself, you are the last person aboard who’s not part of the refit team.”

Kara smiled as she stepped aboard the transporter pad. She kind of figured Kalia wouldn’t have taken any leave during a refit.

“Energi…” Suddenly she thought of something. “Bajoran,” she asked.

The lieutenant looked up and said, “Yes. He came aboard with Commander Tarkent”

Kara frowned. There was only one Bajoran aboard the ship, as the ship had never received its entire crew. Then she realized something else. The transporter chief had said ‘he.’ The Bajoran that was stationed to the Dragon was a woman…

“Is something wrong,” the lieutenant asked.

Before Kara could reply, her comm badge beeped. “Tarkent to Trieal,” Kalia said over the channel.

Kara tapped her comm badge and replied, “Go ahead Kalia.”

“I know you are on your way out, but do you think you could meet me in sick bay?”

“I’m on my way,” Kara said, dropping her bag unconsciously and heading out of the transporter room.

Captain’s personal log

Sarah and I are now traveling to the holiday planet of the Hintaru for some much-needed vacation. This may be it…I’m seriously considering asking her to marry me. I don’t know how I could ever live with out her. She’s been a great friend and I care for her deeply. How and when I will ask her, I don’t know. How ever, I do have a ring ready for her… I was going to give it to her as a gift when we were still at the academy, but since I graduated the year I wanted to give it to her, I never had the chance to…

Sarah sat down next to Chris and sighed. “Sleep well,” Chris asked.

As she smiled, Chris felt warmth course through his body. She was so beautiful… “Of course,” she replied.

Suddenly a proximity alarm sounded. Chris checked his console to see an unidentified craft approaching.

“Wonder who that is,” Sarah commented.

Chris opened a channel. “Unidentified craft, this is the Federation Runabout Meridian. Please identify your self and explain why you are on a direct intercept course.”

For a moment there came no reply. Chris was about to repeat himself when suddenly a voice said, “Hintaru craft this is the pirate vessel Ark Invader. Prepare to be boarded.”

Suddenly static filled the channel as the pirate vessel began jamming the Meridian.

“Red alert,” Chris said more out of habit than any thing as he closed the channel. “Ready all weapons. Raising shields.”

Chris’s hands flew over the controls as he went to full impulse power. He now wished he would’ve let them add a plasma drive to the runabout first. He began a series of maneuvers while allowing Sarah to begin firing phaser blasts at the craft.

“They are scanning us,” Sarah reported. Not more than five seconds later, the Meridian jolted.

“They’ve locked a tractor beam on to us!” Sarah reported. “Power is being drained!”

Chris almost panicked, then looked at the nav computer. He noticed an M class planet not far…

“Lock on to that tractor beam and prepare a miniature quantum torpedo,” Chris ordered. “Fire on my command.”

Chris set a course for the planet and readied the warp drive.


A blue streak of light flew out ahead of the Meridian and hit the enemy ship. The enemy ship, Chris noticed, looked like a giant fighter craft from the late twentieth century on Earth. The torpedo struck home, causing the tractor beam’s death grip on the Meridian to be released.

Chris pointed the ship in the right direction and engaged the warp drive, leaving the pirate vessel behind. For a moment, they exceeded the jamming range of the pirate vessel, so Chris sent a broadcast message.

“To any one with in the sound of my voice, this is Captain Chris Harriman of the Federation Starship Dragon. We need immediate help. A pirate vessel has attacked us and is pursuing us. We are headed to the planet at the following coordinates. 117.127 by 16.98 by 58.12. Please, we need immediate help!”

Suddenly the transmission line was jammed again as the pirate vessel extended its jamming range.

“That’s it,” Chris said as he leaned back in his chair. “We’re cut off…”

“The ships is gaining…slowly,” Sarah said.

“Can we make it to the planet,” Chris asked.

After a moment, Sarah said, “Definitely. But we aren’t going to be able to set her down in time to be able to hide where we’ve landed.”

“All right then,” Chris said. “Here’s the plan. We have the computer take over and land her while, before we even enter the atmosphere, you and I beam down to the surface some where far away from where the Meridian lands.”

“Right, and that should fool them enough to where they won’t know where we are for at least a little longer,” Sarah said. “…It should work.”

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