“Amazing,” Kara said. “They’re exactly the same as Bajorans…except, for some reason, they are much more intelligent than Bajorans.” She set the scanning tool down on the tray and allowed Kailar to sit up on the bio-bed.

“Of course,” Kailar said. He stood and walked over to a diagnostic screen. He stared at it for a moment, then began, “When I was young, I was told that our species had once existed in a galaxy far from this one. And that our original planet was called Bajor.”

Kara looked at Kalia to see that she was just as surprised as Kara was. The looked to Kailar, wanting a larger explanation.

Kailar continued. “I was always told these stories were just myth, and I believed that for the longest time…” He looked at Kara and Kalia. “Until now. The myth goes on that what we called the Prophets saw that the future would be death and destruction. They weren’t sure if the Bajorans would be wiped out or not. So they sent a large group of high Bajorans to this galaxy so that we may one day return to the worm hole and our home planet, in the case that the Bajorans were indeed destroyed.”

“Well, I can tell you that the Bajorans are doing wonderful in our galaxy,” Kalia stated. “Though they were nearly wiped out after the destruction of Deep Space Nine, they have survived and are beginning to flourish once again…” That’s when she caught herself. “Actually, I’m not sure now. I just remembered that time had changed, yet our memories and records had been kept the same. In all truth, we don’t know what has happened in our galaxy for almost a month.”

Kailar remained silent for a moment before saying, “Not long ago, our planet was devastated. A group of warriors called the Vorkalai came and decimated our planet. Only about ten people survived…”

Q obviously changed a lot more than just time, Kara thought.

“Halkrat to all senior officers,” the ship’s second officer and science officer, Lieutenant-Commander Tom Halkrat, said over the comm badge. “Report to the Dragon’s briefing room on deck one.”

Kara looked at Kalia with a confused look. Kalia shrugged and then looked to Kailar. “We’ll have to talk more later. Return to the surface and contact us as soon as word gets around that we’re finished with what ever emergency our second in command has come up with.”

Kailar nodded before the two women left sickbay.

“Every thing’s set,” Chris said as he made his way to the back of the Meridian. “Time to leave.”

Sarah joined him in the transporter area. They checked their phaser rifles before activating the transport. After a few minutes of shimmering light, they found themselves on the surface in a dense jungle.

Before either of them had much of a chance to look around, Chris looked to the north and said, “Let’s get going…there should be some caves up ahead.”

They started out in a jog towards the caves, hoping to reach them in time. Not more than a minute later, they heard the sound of the Meridian entering the lower atmosphere. They never even bothered to look back.

Finally Kalia and Kara entered the briefing room. Tom sighed as he sat in the chair usually reserved for the Captain.

As every one settled in, he began with, “We have a problem. Captain Harriman and Commander Caft have been attacked by a pirate ship.” A look of surprise came over every one’s face as a small commotion was started briefly. Tom cleared his throat to get every one’s attention.

“They headed towards a planet in hopes of evading the pirate ship on the ground, but there’s not telling how long they will be able to last,” Tom continued. “So, any suggestions?”

“Obviously, we can’t take the Dragon to rescue him,” Kara stated.

“No ships are in range,” Tom stated. “All ships in this sector were ordered to report for refitting.”

“So what does that leave us,” Kalia asked.

“The Bladerunner,” Tom simply stated. “It’s the only thing that would be strong enough to stop the pirates.”

Lieutenant Ada Marquet, the ship’s chief of security, piped in a question. “Who’s going to pilot it?”

Tom sighed before replying, “Normally I would say you, Ada. How ever, there’s only one person we know of that’s familiar with the controls and handling, other than the Captain.”

After a moment of silence, the ship’s counselor, Terry Latrael, stated the obvious. “James is the only one’s who’s flown it.”

Tom nodded before tapping his comm badge. “Halkrat to Trikal.”

After a moment, a reply came over the comm badge. “Trikal here, go ahead sir.”

“Report to shuttle bay two of the Dragon immediately,” Tom ordered. “You are going to go on a mission.”

“Almost there,” Chris commented quietly as the cave opening came into view. Not more than a second later, a green energy blast flew by Chris and Sarah. They looked to the right to see four blue-skinned people in mixed clothing charging towards the two.

They both fired off shots, picking two of the pirates off, and then ducked off of the trail. More energy bolts flew over head as they ducked behind a rock.

“What now,” Sarah asked.

Chris shrugged and said, “Obviously, take them on.”

Chris then stood up quickly and fired off two shots, taking out the last two pirates.

“Let’s go,” Chris said, helping Sarah to her feet.

They went back onto the trail and ran full speed towards the cave. When they weren’t more than ten meters from the entrance, two large energy blasts hit the entrance, causing it to collapse in on itself.

They looked to the south to see the pirate vessel heading towards them, it’s weapons coming to bear.

“This is not good,” Chris stated.

They brought their own weapons to bear, but knew they were too weak to reach the ship, let alone do damage.

Suddenly, four small blue torpedoes appeared from the clouds and impacted on the unshielded pirate ship, causing severe damage and confusing Chris and Sarah.

“Eat this you pirate scum,” James yelled over a communications channel as he fired several plasma blasts at the pirate ship, causing even more damage.

One of the blasts impacted on the port nacelle of the pirate ship, causing it to begin to leak drive plasma.

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