“Unfortunately, it seems unlikely,” Chris responded.

Sarah sighed, no doubt also remembering their experiences with Q on the Enterprise.

Captain’s log: supplemental

It’s hard for me to believe that this entire thing was a test. Everything has been happening so fast that it’s been hard for me to keep up. But something’s bothering me…how could the continuum set all of this up? Changing history as far back as three years ago. Also, we can’t seem to find that planet with the Bajoran-like people. He must’ve also put that there for us to find. I know they are almost gods, but I never thought they could do this…

“Helm standing by,” James stated as Chris sat down in the command chair.

“All decks report ready,” Sarah stated.

“All systems are running normal,” Kalia stated.

“Course heading,” James asked.

Chris leaned forward, gazing at the view screen. “Let’s see what’s out there,” Chris stated. “Continue on course, warp thirteen.”

James swiveled his chair back towards the front and punched the course heading in. “Course laid in,” he said.

Chris sat back in his chair. Today they had survived a major catastrophe. He just hoped they wouldn’t face it again.


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