Federation time ship Relativity
29th century

The ship’s first officer stared as Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway disappeared, heading back to their own time.

He then immediately turned his attention to the readings they had received earlier during the other ordeal of saving Voyager. He brought up all of the readings and put them on the main view screen. He then had the computer look at the readings that had continually played across the screen.

He waited impatiently. The Dragon had succeeded in restoring time, but then again, time hadn’t even changed until after that system was moved. So time was only changed for a short time period, then restored, thanks to the Dragon and the other starships.

Finally, the computer finished analyzing the readings. It surprised the Lieutenant. But it also confirmed his suspicions.

USS Dragon

“Q,” Chris said with voice of surprise.

“Long time no see, Harriman,” Q stated. “How did you like my little test?”

Chris stood, with a look of confusion on his face. “You staged all of this?”

“Well, it was a massive thing to do,” Q stated. “I did have help from my fellow Q…” Suddenly four other Q appeared in the briefing room. They all waved their hands and said in unison, “Hi,” then vanished.

“But any way, even though we look for peace most of the time,” Q began, “The continuum wanted to test Starfleet's ability to handle time…again. This time I had suggested that we could use your ship.”

“I thought the continuum thought we were barbaric enough, with out you creating battles for us,” Chris commented as he approached the god-like being.

“I also said the same thing,” Q said. “But they disagreed with me.”

“There’s a big surprise,” Chris said sarcastically.

Q raised his hand and said, “Oh please, spare me your barbaric sarcasm.”

“I’d like to say the same to you, Q,” Chris replied with a grin on his face. “Last time we met, all you could do was be sarcastic.” Chris swore Q blushed at this.

“The reason I made sure your computer files didn’t change is because I wanted to see how you would react, should you make it home.” “Any way, we should explain this to some of the other captains…” With that, Q snapped his fingers, and Chris suddenly found himself in what appeared to be the briefing room of the Furious, if he remembered the records correctly. Not only was Eric there, but so was Lev and Captain Picard.

“Good evening, or morning, or what ever,” Q said from the head of the table. He then proceeded to explain the events.

After Q finished, Picard stated, “Another one of your foolish and deadly tricks, Q.” He was furious.

“Relax, Jean Luc,” Q stated. “You passed a test of the continuum…once again. Also, the reason only you four are here is because I see promise in all of you. So don’t be surprised if I drop by every now and then.”

“Oh, I look forward to it,” Chris said sarcastically, remembering his days on the Enterprise.

“Talk about a day of hell,” Lev stated.

“An understatement,” Eric replied.

“Just glad we made it through it,” Chris added.

“Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got another person to test out on the other side of the galaxy,” Q said. “Good bye, gentlemen. I’ll stop by every now and then, so be ready.”

Suddenly Chris found himself back in the briefing room. He looked at his senior officers, then smiled. “Well, congratulations, my friends. We’ve passed our first test from the continuum.”

“Our last, I hope,” Sarah stated.

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