A volley of torpedoes from the Dragon hit another warship, causing it to be destroyed. “Make that twenty eight,” Perkins remarked.

Suddenly, on both the tactical and main view screen, the Intrepid exploded, taking out two warships with it. “Damn,” Chris yelled.

“No survivors,” Perkins stated.

The Dragon lurched, and Ada stated, “Both lower phaser banks on the saucer section have been disabled!”

“Captain, the Defiant just rammed a warship,” Perkins stated in a surprised voice.

“This battle is not going well,” Chris stated. Hundreds of thoughts poured through his head. Maybe time would repeat itself and DS9 would be destroyed. Maybe DS9 would be destroyed, but the Dragon would remain. All possibilities Chris thought up weren’t good.

He had to make sure time was restored. That’s what he had to concentrate on.

“The Enterprise has sustained heavy damage,” Perkins stated. “Her warp core is going critical…” On the view screen, the Enterprise now blew apart, taking two warships with her.

Two more warships were also destroyed, one by the Furious and one by the Paris.

Suddenly the Dragon lurched severely, throwing every one out of their chairs. Every thing on the bridge was shaking, and Chris barely held on to consciousness.

Finally, when the shuddering finally stopped, Chris slumped to the ground. It took him a moment to realize where he was. Finally, he looked over to his right…and there was Sarah with a piece of ‘shrapnel’ in her neck.

“NO,” Chris yelled. “SARAH!!!!” Of course, she didn’t respond.

Chris felt like crying, but knew they had a mission to complete. Sarah wouldn’t die in vain today. Chris would make sure of that.

Chris sat in his chair to see that both Perkins and Tom were dead.

“Shields are down,” Ada said in a hoarse voice. “Weapons are gone. Only thing that’s still functioning almost fully are the impulse engines.”

The bridge was now a mess, with bulkheads, light fixtures, and panels blown out and lying on the floor. Two ensigns were also dead.

“The Furious has been disabled…same with the Paris. Both were disabled by the remaining warship,” Ada continued. “The other one had rammed into DS9 causing her shields to go down. Now the last warship is on a direct course for DS9.”

“Can the Paris or Furious intercept,” Chris asked.

“No, but we can,” Ada reported.

“Then set an intercept course for that warship, full impulse,” Chris ordered. He didn’t want to think now, he just wanted to get this over with.

“Impact in twenty five seconds,” James reported.

Chris sat down on the floor next to Sarah’s body. He took her hand in his and stared at the main view screen. “This is for you, Sarah,” he said quietly. “And for the Federation.”

Finally, the Dragon hit the warship, causing Chris to be thrown across the bridge. His head hit the helm and he slumped to the deck. The ship rumbled louder than he had heard any thing else before. He looked up at the view screen just in time to see the wreckage of the warship burst through it, causing the bridge to decompress…

Chris suddenly woke up with a start. He was trembling and was sweating all over the place.

“B..br…bridge to Captain Harriman,” Perkins suddenly said. “umm…what happened?”

The senior officers were in the briefing room. Every one remembered the entire events that had taken place. Some were even still in tears. No one had spoken since the meeting had begun.

Finally, Kalia asked, “Did we succeed?”

No one answered for a moment. Chris had looked through the records on the main computer, and none of them had changed.

“I think so,” Chris stated. “We succeeded, and time reset itself, just as we had been told would happen.”

“I hope so,” Tom commented. “But how come records haven’t changed at all?”

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