“Let’s hope so,” Chris commented. “Dragon out.”

Chris’s console once again displayed the tactical display. This time the Furious was also on it. Three fighters launched from it as it also began to fire at the warship in the rear of the fleet.

The Dragon lurched again, and Chris realized that it had been a minute or two since they were hit.

“Ten enemy ships destroyed,” Ada reported.

Then the ship lurched harder than ever, throwing Chris from his chair. He looked over at Sarah to see she had also been thrown out of her chair. Luckily, James remained at the helm.

Chris sat back in his chair, as did Sarah. “Report,” Chris ordered.

“A warship tried to ram us,” Perkins stated. “They didn’t hit us head on, so damage wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been…”

“Shields are down to sixty two percent,” Ada reported. “Aft quantum torpedo launchers are off-line.”

“Thanks for the good news,” Chris said sarcastically. “Continue to fire full spreads of weapons fire.”

The Dragon lurched as more fire from the warships pounded her shields.

“Evasive maneuvers, pattern Intrepid,” Sarah ordered.

The Dragon once again lurched before the new maneuvers could be implemented.

“Captain, the Galaxy’s warp core is going critical,” Perkins stated.

“What,” Chris asked.

“Their shields are still at forty two percent, but it looks like a magnetic interlock failed in the coolant system,” Tom stated. “Their getting it as far away from DS9 as possible, but are evacuating every one to the saucer section…luckily they didn’t have a full crew, so they should be able to reach a safe distance from the stardrive section before it goes.”

“Have the Furious give them cover,” Chris ordered. “How’s the station?”

The ship lurched before Perkins replied, “Their shields are down to eighty five percent.”

The ship lurched yet again, making Chris realize that they’d adapted to the evasive maneuver sequence. But Sarah was way ahead of him.

“Evasive maneuvers, pattern Ontario six,” she ordered.

“The Galaxy has begun separation sequence,” Perkins stated.

“Keep covering DS9,” Chris ordered.

“What the hell,” Perkins suddenly said after a minute.

“What is it, Lieutenant,” Chris asked.

“Separation sequence was successful, and they are a safe distance from the star drive section, but they’ve begun to launch escape pods,” Perkins stated.

Chris stood up and looked at the main view screen, which now showed escape pods thrusting away from the galaxy class starship’s saucer section.

“The senior officers remain on the bridge,” Perkins stated. “They’ve armed a tri-cobalt device and have set a course to ram a group of ships far from the station.”

Sure enough, on the main view screen, the Galaxy’s saucer section began to head for a group of about five warships that were regrouping and were about to turn around for another pass on DS9. The star drive section suddenly detonated, causing one warship near it to careen away from DS9.

The saucer section suddenly rammed into the lead warship of the small group, and a large explosion rocked the surrounding space, causing all five ships to be destroyed.

“Twenty five enemy ships destroyed,” Perkins stated.

“Battle status,” Chris said as the ship lurched, forcing Chris to sit in his chair again.

“Our shields are at thirty eight percent, and aside from the aft quantum torpedo launcher, all systems are operational,” Perkins began. “The Paris’s shields are down to fifty eight percent and has sustained a good amount of hull damage, as have we. The Furious is holding up pretty well with shields at forty two percent. The Defiant…” The ship lurched again. “The Defiant’s shields are down to twenty percent and are near failure. Two of her plasma cannons are off line. The Enterprise’s shields are down to forty seven percent, and she’s sustained major hull and other structural damage. The Intrepid’s shields are down to twenty seven percent, and are also nearing fail…” the ship lurched yet again. “Near failure, but her systems and hull are holding pretty good. Also, twenty-seven enemy ships have now been destroyed. DS9’s shields are holding at fifty one percent.”

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