“Wait, I’m getting something on sensors now,” Tom stated. “I think we are nearing the other side.”

“Time,” Chris asked.

“Ten minutes from now,” he replied.

Milky Way Galaxy
USS Furious NX-80165

Captain Eric Sanders sighed as he entered the bridge. It was only 03:00 and he had been abruptly been awakened.

As he entered, the ship’s operation’s officer, Lieutenant Darren Gibbs stood up from the command chair.

“Captain,” he began. “We’ve detected a temporal anomaly about a light year away. We’ve set course and should arrive with in thirty minutes.”

Eric looked up with a confused look on his face.

Commander Karen Perez, the ship’s first officer, walked on to the bridge from another turbolift. “What the hell is so important that it couldn’t wait till later in the morning,” she asked in a voice of annoyance.

“Now now, Commander, let’s try to keep our temper in place,” Eric replied.

Karen looked at Eric with a look of surprise and replied, “Uh, sorry Captain.”

Eric sat in the command chair and ordered, “Helm, increase speed to maximum. I want to get this over with as soon as possible,” he said as he rubbed his head. He decided he’d get a cup of coffee, and knew that Karen would probably want some as well.

Eric stood up and said, “Commander, I’ll be in my ready. Would you like to join me for some coffee?”

“With pleasure,” she said in a groggy voice.

“You have the bridge, Lieutenant,” Eric stated to Darren as he stood up.

USS Dragon

“We are emerging on the other side,” Tom stated. Suddenly the blue ‘mist’ surrounding the ship disappeared and a normal star field appeared.

“Sensors indicate a starship is approaching at high warp,” Ada reported. After a moment, she confirmed, “It’s the Furious.”

“Excellent,” Chris stated.

“Sir, the time portal is closing in on itself,” Tom reported.

“The Furious is dropping out of warp,” Ada reported.

USS Furious

“What,” Eric asked. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir,” Darren replied. “It has a Federation signal. It identifies itself as the USS Dragon NCC-27749-A.”

Eric rubbed his chin as he thought, but at the same time realized he hadn’t shaved this morning as he felt the small stubs on his chin. What a thing to think of at a time like this, Sanders, he thought to himself. “Must be from the future,” he stated.

“The anomaly behind them has closed,” the ship’s science officer, Ensign T’ranna Marel, stated from the science station. “I can detect no temporal side effects, which is strange. Usually temporal anomalies cause some sort of distortion in the surrounding space.”

“Drop out of warp,” Eric ordered. “Hail them.”

“They are responding,” Darren stated.

On the view screen, a man who looked a little young to be a captain appeared on the main view screen. He had a short hair cut. His hair was a light brown, and he had blue eyes.

“I’m Captain Eric Sanders of the Federation starship Furious,” Eric stated.

The man nodded and stated, “I’m Captain Chris Harriman of the starship Dragon. I think as you probably could have guessed by now, we are from the future. We came to stop forty Jem Hadar warships from coming back in time to destroy Deep Space Nine, and eventually, cause the war to go bad for the Federation.”

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