“Very understandable,” Chris replied. “We wish we could live with out weaponry, but there are so many hostile forces in the galaxy…which reminds me, have you ever heard of the Vorkalai?”

A look of concern came over Kailar’s face. “Unfortunately, yes. They caused five deaths. We destroyed about two hundred of their ships before they agreed to sign a peace treaty with us, and while they continue on their invasion, will leave us alone.”

This disturbed Chris. “How come you didn’t destroy them? Obviously they wanted to destroy everything else.”

“We are a peace loving race, Captain,” Kailar replied. “We do not wish to irradicate an entire species.”

Chris nodded and replied, “We have had trouble with them, but we think we already know a way to stop them.”

“Good,” Kailar said. “By the way, the gate will be ready in about a half an hour.”

“Excellent,” Chris said. “I can’t thank you enough for helping us with this dilemma.”

“Our pleasure,” Kailar replied.

They stopped moving through the complex. Chris tapped his comm badge and ordered, “Harriman to Dragon, one to transport.”

With in a few moments, Chris found himself on the transporter pad on board the Dragon. It still disturbed him that they were so much like Bajorans, but he knew it was impossible. They were in a Galaxy that no one from their galaxy could reach on purpose…

“We are in position,” the ship’s primary helmsman, Lieutenant James Trikal, stated.

“They are ready to begin the process,” Perkins, who now seemed to be at ops often, stated. “They’re waiting for confirmation to begin the process.”

Chris opened a channel and stated, “Millennium Time Gate, we are ready to start when you are.”

“Copy USS Dragon. We are opening the gate now,” came the reply from the control station of the gate.

Chris opened a ship wide channel and began, “This is the bridge to all decks. By now you should all know what we are doing. We have a mission to accomplish, and I’m sure we can do it. I have faith in you all…let’s make the name Dragon as famous as the Enterprise.”

Chris deactivated the channel and ordered, “On screen.”

With those words, the huge gate in orbit around the planet, which had earlier been identified by Kailar as Tarshikan Four, appeared. A blue sphere immediately appeared in the center of the ring shaped structure.

“Forty percent complete,” the control station commented. The sphere began to glow brighter, but never grew in size. “Eighty…prepare to engage your propulsion systems.” “Well, you heard the man,” Chris commented to James. Excitement was coursing through Chris’s body. Though it would only be a short visit, he was going home again. They hadn’t been gone that long, but it was long enough. He wished they could see Earth one last time before they left, but knew it was impossible if they were to save Deep Space Nine.

Suddenly a bright flash occurred. It came from the ring, and was bright enough that the view screen almost had to shut off for fear of blinding every one on the bridge. Chris wondered how they kept some people on the surface from looking up, but he knew that they probably made it a law. That or every one was as intelligent as Kailar and knew not to look up during the process.

Finally, when the bright light receded, a blue flat plane was inside of the large ring shaped gate.

“Helm, full impulse,” Chris said. “Engage.”

After a moment, James stated, “Ten thousand kilometers from the gate aperture.”

Won’t be long now, Chris thought.

“Five thousand kilometers,” James continued. “A thousand…entering gate.”

“All hands brace,” Chris ordered before they hit. Amazingly, nothing ever happened. The ship never lurched or shook, and no consoles were going dark or overloading. Guess they’ve perfected this technology, Chris thought.

“I’m getting no readings on sensors,” Perkins stated.

“Nor am I,” Ada also stated. “Tactical is inoperative.”

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