Star Trek Dragon
Season 3 Finale

"Feel the Force flowing through your mind," Kyle Aurain continued. "Clear it of the present…and you shall see things. The future…the past…what ever the Force desires you to see."

Lieutenant Commander Vendar Perkins took in another slow, deep breath as she did as he said. As she had learned over the past couple of months of training, you could not make the Force do anything…you had to just let it happen…let it flow.

Suddenly, she felt her muscles jerk as several images began to flood her mind. People dying…ships…Federation ships…in a long line…hull breaches…one mind…one large mind…


And then she saw a horrifying image…the unmistakable form of the Dragon…exploding in space…

She suddenly shot up from her seated position, her eyes flying open as she looked around in a panic. She expected to see herself burning in the explosion…only to find everything exactly as it was. No fire, no red alert called…everything was normal…

Kyle stood up slowly and moved next to her, putting his hand on her shoulder. "What’s wrong?" he asked, concerned.

Vendar shook her head, feeling a little disoriented. "Explosions…the Dragon exploding!" she exclaimed, looking at him in horror.

He closed his eyes, and she could sense that he was trying to see the same images…but then he became disturbed. Not in the same manner that she was…but in some other form.

He opened his eyes slowly and shook his head. "I don’t think I’m seeing what you saw…but something is going to happen." He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "Something…"

Suddenly, they were both startled as the alert klaxon sounded. "All hands to battle stations," Captain Chris Harriman’s voice ordered over a ship-wide comm channel.

She looked at him knowingly, knowing that they no longer had the time to consider what was going to happen…

Unanimously, they headed for the door, moving as fast as they could to get to the bridge.



"The Kiklar vessel will intercept us in twenty seconds," Lieutenant Commander R’Sharn reported in a state of fear.

Chris understood her fear. Two months ago, they realized they had been heading into Kiklar space…the center of the galaxy. They managed to escape by destroying a small battle ship of some sort…ever since then, they had been doing their best to evade the Kiklar. Many Kiklar vessels had nearly discovered them, but each time they managed to stay one step ahead of the Kiklar…

…Until now.

When that thought passed through his mind, Kyle and Vendar entered the bridge. He immediately noticed that both of them looked disturbed, but didn’t have the time to ask them what was wrong.

"Prepare to launch the nanites onto their hull," Chris ordered, bringing up a visual scan of the vessel. It looked almost exactly like the one the Dragon had first encountered a year and a half ago…

As Vendar took R’Sharn’s place at Ops, a sensor alarm sounded. "Sir…I’m reading an odd disturbance off to our starboard bow."

"On screen," he ordered, standing up. Immediately, the view screen showed an empty starfield…with some sort of weird disturbance actively distorting the starfield. "That looks like a cloaked ship…"

"Decloaking now!" Vendar stated in alarm as the distortion took the shape of a very large vessel. This alarmed Chris as he thought it was a Kiklar vessel…but it wasn’t. It didn’t have a single crystal on it anywhere…

As suddenly as it had appeared, the familiar Kiklar vessel dropped out of light speed. Instead of letting loose its arsenal on the Dragon…it began firing at the other, larger vessel. To Chris’s surprise, the energy weapons splashed harmlessly against the larger vessel’s shield.

Immediately, scarlet energy blasts of some sort streaked away from the large vessel, all hitting the Kiklar vessel and causing severe damage. A moment later, the Kiklar vessel exploded in a cascade of released energy.

It all happened so quickly that Chris never had a chance to give any orders. Everyone on the bridge stood or sat there, staring at the screen for a long moment, even after the last signs of the energy explosion passed. No one noticed, for a moment, the hailing sound emitting from Vendar’s console.

She suddenly noticed and activated the hail, not even waiting for Chris’s order. As soon as she did that…a very familiar looking species appeared on screen. "Humans!" Chris exclaimed in surprise.

The woman’s face was expressionless at first, then she smiled. "You are Captain Chris Harriman of the Federation starship Dragon, I presume?"

Chris frowned, confused at how anyone would know his name. "I am…" he replied hesitantly.

She woman took in a big sigh of relief. "We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The Dragon and crew have been in our databases for a long time as the people who saved this entire galaxy a long time ago from a threat you called…" she looked at something off screen, then concluded with "The Borg?"

Chris’s eyes shot up with realization. "You mean you’re from the New Republic?"

The woman’s smile immediately disappeared. "There is no New Republic any more…hasn’t been one for a long time. We are…what’s left of the human species in this galaxy.

"But we don’t have time to keep discussing this," she suddenly stated, changing her tone of voice to a concerned one. "We monitored a transmission from that Kiklar ship…their fleet will be coming, and we can’t afford to lose this ship."

Chris nodded and replied, "Understood."

"We have a large hold that can hold starships during travel," she stated. "We’re sending you the coordinates now. Please enter the bay and we’ll then take you to our home base."

"Acknowledged," Chris said, sitting back down in his chair. "Dragon out."

After the woman’s face disappeared, Vendar reported, "Receiving the coordinates now."

"Helm, take us in…"



Captain’s Log, supplemental

I must say I am…a little disoriented. Everything that’s happened so far has happened so fast that I’ve barely had time to make sense of it. As far as I can tell…the remaining humans from the New Republic long ago are capable of putting up adequate resistance to the Kiklar. However…we don’t know the whole story yet.

Within minutes, we were at the home base of these humans. We have been invited to meet with the leader of this resistance group…



Chris, Lieutenant Commander Tom Halkrat, Vendar, and Kyle were following a woman down a corridor of the large station. As he understood it from their current guide, the humans don’t hold planets any more because they can’t move the planets. This station, their home base, was permanently cloaked and could move into light speed very easily.

"All I can really make out of the visions," Vendar continued, "Is a long line of damaged Federation ships, the Dragon exploding…and Earth."

With that last statement, Chris looked at her with eyes wide. "Earth?!"

She nodded, smiling at his reaction. "Yes…I saw Earth."

He then frowned and looked at Kyle. "What do these visions mean?"

Kyle frowned himself and looked ahead for a moment. He seemed to consider the question for a moment, then shrugged. "To be honest, I’m not sure. Obviously has to be pictures from the future…but that doesn’t mean that future will happen. The fact that I can’t see these images, and instead am seeing different images, also disturbs me…"

Chris considered that for a moment. "What exactly are you seeing?"

"I…can’t say for certain," Kyle replied. "Let’s just suffice it to say…it looks like I won’t be with your crew for very much longer. I must remain here for some reason."

Vendar immediately became alarmed. She had quickly became close to Kyle once her training started… "You’re…leaving?!"

He hesitated, a sort of apologetic look on his face. "It is the will of the Force that I stay…that is all I can say for sure. We must let things unfold naturally, however…so who knows what will happen."

With that, they came upon a closed door with alien writing on it. The woman turned around and smiled at them. "The Chief of State is waiting for you," she said, motioning to the door as it opened.

The outside hall had been rather bland, like any Starfleet vessel’s corridor. It had wall panels with gunship gray for its color, a carpeted deck, and plenty of ambient lighting.

The Chief of State’s office, however, was quite different. It was very bright with mostly bright colors…white and light gray the dominating colors above all else. Holo images were all around the room, pictures of people standing together smiling and waving at the holo camera that took their picture…ships of various sorts…

…Specifically one that caught Chris’s eye. A holo image of the Dragon hung above the desk of the Chief of State. All in all, though…it didn’t look like a politician’s office.

And there, below the holo image of the Dragon, sat a brown haired, green eyed man with a very rugged looking face. He smiled at them and stood up. His attire seemed very odd…it did not match the bright tone of his office. Instead…it looked like an engineer’s uniform, with grease stains to prove it.

"Greetings," he said, his smile not too enthusiastic…but that could easily have come from wear and tear. "I’m Ruland Mishar. Don’t call me by my official title of Chief of State or…we simply won’t get along."

For someone who looked like he had just endured hell, he sure seemed to be in a good mood. Chris stepped forward and stood in front of Ruland’s desk, his crew behind him and to the side. "I’m Captain Chris Harriman."

Ruland nodded, not offering his hand as Chris had expected, but instead sat down and motioned to the chairs in front of his desk. Chris and his crew immediately sat down, intrigued by this unlikely politician.

"Yes, I know," he stated, his gruff, but still somehow regal voice continuing to make his character that much more intriguing. "I’ve seen holo images of you taken during your visit to our past. For some reason, the New Republic had taken it upon itself to keep every record of your perfect…even after it was nearly annihilated by the Kiklar."

"I see," Chris said slowly. I’ll have to omit that fact from my log…seems like we made a bigger impact on the past than we anticipated. "Speaking of the Kiklar," he began, changing the subject. "I’ve not seen any species in this galaxy that has the kind of technology that you have!"

"There-in lies a story that is a millennium in the making," Ruland replied. "You see, when the Kiklar first started to take over, they had secretly acquired vast technology in weapons and ships. They swept through the galaxy, claiming that anyone who sympathized with humans would be destroyed. Some planets were defiant and fought the Kiklar, then still called the Vratix." Chris nodded at the name, recognizing it from Kyle’s recollection. "The New Republic sent in its fleets to attack the Kiklar…but failed. Humans scattered, hiding any place they could…the Maw, the center of the galaxy, outside the galaxy.

"The Vratix then announced their new name of Kiklar and said that they would not rest until the galaxy was purged. They began to wipe out any species that was humanoid…and as you’ve probably seen, that’s a good portion of the galaxy. But they had still suffered great losses, and they were slow in rebuilding. They began to evolve their technology, their thinking. The scattered humans knew that their only hope was to come together…

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