"Ready each to have a maximum charged blast, and then do the same for the bottom phaser bank on the stardrive section," Chris continued.

"Phasers ready, bottom bank is charged," Ada reported.

"Why don't we just destroy them," Sarah asked quietly as the distance closed between the two ships.

"Because it's time we took our first prisoners of war," Chris replied, staring intently at his console. "Helm, prepare to maneuver so that we pass over them."

"Aye sir," James replied after a moment.

The ship shook slightly again. "Shields down to ninety-eight percent," Ada reported.

"Impact in five seconds!"

"Now!" Chris shouted, hoping a maneuver Commander Riker had done in the Briar Patch, would work here as well.

The ship suddenly rolled slightly to port to match the other ship and came over the top of it. Phaser fire pounded three distinct sections of the ship, causing the ship to stop in its tracks.

"Circle around and put her in tow," Chris ordered. "Prepare holding cells for our newly found guests, disarm Quantum torpedoes." He was glad they hadn't had to use them. Then again, he thought, it is just a scout ship

"Aye sir, coming about," James stated.

A notice sounded from the ops station. Perkins checked something, then looked at Chris, wide eyed. "A long range probe just sent a message before it was destroyed," she said in a quiet tone. "It's detected over two hundred thousand Vorkalai ships heading in our direction!"

Chris felt his jaw drop as silence engulfed the bridge. They knew the numbers would be high, but hearing them as a fact made it just that much worse.

Another notice sounded on the ops station. Perkins turned to see what it said, then turned back to Chris. Chris expected more bad news…

"The rest of the fleet has just left dry dock," she said. "They are on their way here."

"Inform Hintaru 3 of our current situation," Chris ordered. "Tell them we recommend that, as soon as the rest of the fleet gets here, we begin our advance before it's too late."

"Aye, Captain."

Captain's Log: Supplemental

The primary engagement looms ahead. Who ever wins this battle will no doubt have a large upper hand in the upcoming war. This is a battle I've dreaded that I might indeed have to face one day, and I've hoped and wished that, somehow, I would never have to.

The rest of the fleet has just arrived and we are now traveling at full warp to meet the Vorkalai at system Q-487. It is relatively empty and so should provide no obstacles in the upcoming slaughter. I only hope the day is ours…

Chris entered the saucer section's engineering section now. He began to tour it, knowing it was a tradition to tour the ship before a major battle. He just hoped it wasn't a hopeless battle, or one where severe casualties would occur, like at the battle of Wolf 359. Picard had toured his ship before that battle, and though the day was won, massive casualties ensued.

He walked over to the railing and began staring at the blue flow entering the reaction chamber. Hopefully, in two hours, this would still be intact…

"Touring the ship?"

Chris spun around to find Kalia standing behind him. He smiled and turned back to the warp core. "Of course, it's a time honored tradition."

"Actually," Kalia began as she leaned against the railing next to Chris. "Each time a captain tours his ship before a major battle, something horrible happens."

Chris sighed. "Let's hope that part of the tradition doesn't accompany us."

The continued to stare at the core, their thoughts wandering…

"Battle stations," Chris said as he sat down in his chair. The alert klaxon sounded a few times then shut off. "Raise shields, arm all weapons. Inform the fleet to do the same."

"Aye Captain," Perkins replied.

"We are approaching system Q-487," James stated. "Estimated time of arrival, one minute."

"All decks have checked in," Sarah stated. "All pilots are to their fighters."

"Very well," Chris said. He opened a channel to the fleet and stated, "All ships, drop out of warp." He closed the channel and then finished, "Helm, go to two thirds."

"Confirmed, dropping to two thirds impulse power," James stated.

"The fleet is joining us," Perkins stated.

"Long range sensors detects the Vorkalai fleet," Ada stated. "ETA to intercept, five minutes."

"Launch all fighters," Chris ordered. "Fleet formation alpha-two."

"The fleet's responding and is getting into position," Perkins stated.

The minutes seemed like days. The silence on the bridge was surprising, for much was about to happen. This battle would no doubt be forever remembered by the Hintaru…and the Dragon crew.

The ships came into viewing range. There were thousands of them…they blocked out a huge area of stars, leaving only the green area where black space and stars would be.

They were in all shapes and sizes, each usually would serve its own purpose in an invasion, but in this case, they were all battle ships.

Chris noticed one of the larger ships that he had seen before. Indeed, the fleet consisted of several of them. Hopefully, the other Vorkalai ships would give it a wide birth, which would allow the Dragon to destroy it, and hopefully destroy some surrounding ships.

Chris checked a long range tactical before saying, "Have all ships stay out of the blast radius of Vorkalai ship number 1-2-4-7-3. Ada, target their primary power core. We are going to dig through its hull and show them how we deal with things back in Starfleet."

"Aye Captain," Ada replied in an enthusiastic voice.

"The Vorkalai are coming out of warp," Perkins stated.

This is it… "Helm, full impulse," Chris ordered. "Pull ahead of the fleet a little and begin evasive maneuvers."

"Aye sir, what evasive maneuver pattern shall I set," James asked.

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