He sat down and activated the little desk computer. Lev’s face immediately appeared on it.

“Well, I guess from your point of view,” Lev started, “I should maybe say ‘long time no see’.”

Chris let out a small laugh and replied, “Yes, it actually, from my point of view, has been about a year since I last saw you.”

“Last I saw you was in 2374 when the Chelsea ‘ferried’ you to the original Dragon,” Lev stated.

Chris smiled then replied, “Yes, I remember that. I saw that some one was using one of my favorite programs on the holodeck, so I wanted to see who it was. I entered, and that’s when we met. I must say, that was an interesting event on the holodeck.”

“So you come from 2378,” Lev asked.

“Yes, but it’s December now, so, obviously, next year we enter 2379,” Chris replied.

Suddenly Lev’s face turned serious. “My crew and I just finished reading that file you sent us all. Very disturbing.”

“Yes, but at least we can prevent it with out polluting the time line,” Chris stated.

“Luckily we won’t have to upgrade our systems, as these upgrades are still some what inferior to our own,” Lev stated. “But I wish we could get our hands on that warp system of yours…warp fifteen!” “Well, if all goes well, you’ll get them not long after we are stranded,” Chris stated.

“Speaking of which,” Lev said. Chris already knew what he was going to ask. “You mentioned that in the file, but you didn’t say where you were stranded.”

“And I’m not going to,” Chris stated. “There still is a possibility of polluting the time line, which is why I limited the information on the file to only what was absolutely needed.”

“You know, funny part is, we saw another anomaly on our sensor not far from DS9,” Lev stated. “It turned out to be two advanced Jem Hadar warships that came through a temporal anomaly. Of course, we dispatched them with only minor damage.”

This disturbed Chris. “I just hope there aren’t any others from the future,” Chris stated.

“Well, we need to prepare for the battle, as I’m sure you do,” Lev said. “Paris out.”

The screen then changed to show Sisko.

“Captain Sisko,” Chris said in a surprised voice.

“We are making the appropriate adjustments as we speak,” Sisko stated. “Just thought I’d let you know.” “I’d like to set up a meeting between all ships on DS9 with all ship’s captains and first officers,” Chris stated.

“Of course,” Sisko replied.

“All right, in twenty minutes,” Chris said. “Please inform the other ships. Dragon out.”

The screen then changed to show the Federation emblem. Chris sighed as he thought, This has already turned out to be a long day, and it’s not getting any shorter.

Chris stood and entered the bridge. He cleared his throat to get every one’s attention. When he saw that he had it, he stated, “All right every one…let’s prepare for battle.”

“One minute until the warships arrive,” Ada reported.

“Battle station,” Chris ordered. “Raise shields, ready all weapons. Have the Intrepid, Galaxy, and Enterprise stay near the station to cover her. The Paris is to follow us on an intercept course with the warships.”

“Messages sent,” Perkins stated. “What about the Defiant?”

“Have her follow us as well,” Chris ordered.

“Intercept course is set,” James responded.

“Engage,” Chris ordered. The Dragon left its ‘orbit’ around DS9 and, followed by the Paris and the Defiant, headed towards the oncoming fleet.

Chris opened a channel to all decks. “This is Captain Harriman. Today we are to change history. We actually have a choice. We could stay in this galaxy and find a way back to our time. That or we can stay here. We can fight to not only change history, but to restore it. The senior officers and I have made the decision to stay and restore history. I won’t hold it against you if you severely object once this is over. But let’s make sure we make a mark in history reserved for the Dragon.”

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