Chris Harriman

Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer
Place of Birth: Wisconsin, Earth
Species: Human
Age: 31


General Information

Captain Chris Harriman has had a rather remarkable history in his career in Starfleet. After graduating the academy, he found it a little difficult to go beyond his rank of lieutenant, but once he did, he rose quickly to the rank of Captain. He spent almost a year on the Enterprise E, where he gained valuable experience, and then spent most of his career on the original USS Dragon. He is considered to be a
 young Commanding Officer, but he is a very valued officer among Starfleet, and has been noticed by several admirals.

Medical Information

"Chris has had an unusually unremarkable medical in, he's never had any major illness.
 The worst he's ever had is a common cold, and that is very rare. I'm almost willing to bet my life that
the Devil's Virus wouldn't have even been capable of entering his body! Unlike Sarah, his DNA is
 unusual in no way at all. Therefore, I have no explanation, or even a vague guess, as to why he is
 never effected by severe illness."

~Commander Kara Trieal, USS Dragon, Chief Medical Officer

Psychological Information

"Of all of the officers on the Dragon, the Captain has been effected the most by all of the encounters
 we've had. He constantly believes that every single life lost on the Dragon was due to a personal
fault of his. The Dragon being stranded here in the Kalium Galaxy has hit him the hardest, however.
 He feels he has somehow betrayed and let down his crew by stranding them here, and then getting
them involved in the Vorkalai war. It might not be long before he has a complete and total emotional breakdown. I do believe that this six month shore leave helped him out greatly, though I won't know
 until it ends and he returns to Hintaru 3."

~Lieutenant Terry Latrael, USS Dragon, Ship's Counselor

First Officer's Note

"Chris has probably been through more than I ever thought possible. Through out his entire life, he's written to me telling me about daily problems on each and every ship he's been stationed on. Even
with the dull duty of patrolling the Neutral Zone for so many years, he experienced intense moments
of horror and loss, especially when the first Dragon was destroyed. I think I have helped him through
 all of the rough times here on the Dragon-A, but I know he's had a difficult time here as well.
Somehow, though, that rarely interferes with his ability to Command. Only once or twice have I seen
him make a situation personal..."

~Commander Sarah Caft, USS Dragon, First Officer

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