Terry Latrael

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Ship's Counselor
Place of Birth: Betazed
Species: Betazoid
Age: 37


General Information

Lieutenant Terry Latrael has performed his job as Ship's Counselor commendably ever since he first came on board. Several times, he has managed to take a person in for one session, and solve their problem in only that one session. He's very good at what he does.

Medical Information

"Tom has a remarkable physical condition. He's in great shape, despite the fact that he never is required to go on an away mission. Other than that, his medical record is unremarkable."

~Commander Kara Trieal, USS Dragon, Chief Medical Officer

Psychological Information

"Lieutenant Terry Latrael graduated from the academy with honors in Psychological evaluation. And I certainly can see why. He's performed in special ops missions magnificently, though that is all the information that can be released on his file at this time."

~Commander Kuan Milson, Starfleet Command, Head of Psychological Study Department

Captain's Note

"I had once met and worked with Terry on a special ops mission that involved interrogation during the Dominion War. He performed flawlessly in the field, and did his job like no other. That was precisely the reason I asked for him to be brought on as Ship's Counselor. Now, I am very happy that I did so."

~Captain Chris Harriman, USS Dragon, Commanding Officer

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